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Curbside Waste Collection Contract
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About the Project

Niagara Region's new collection contract starts in October 2020. Emterra's original contract was set to expire in 2018, but Regional Council extended the contract in 2017 due to effects of the Province's new Waste Diversion Act.

When the extension was being considered, there was a possibility that recycling collection and processing would shift to full producer responsibility. The extension allowed for:

  • Staff to prepare for potential changes related to legislation. Currently, it includes a recommended six-year transition period from 2019 to 2025 with producers being responsible for Blue Box service province-wide by 2025.
  • Consultation with stakeholders on options for the next collection contract
  • Engagement on potential service level changes
  • Council approval of service options
  • Time for the successful contractor to order vehicles for the new contract

Consultation helped decide if there was enough support for the proposed service options, including every-other-week garbage collection. Every-other-week garbage collection was recommended to Council based on:

  • Support from the online survey
  • Increase in diversion opportunities
  • Preservation of landfill capacity
  • Environmental benefits

The new collection contract will be split into two areas. Both areas will have every-other-week garbage collection.

  • GFL Environmental Inc. will be the contractor for collection area one (Grimsby, Lincoln, Pelham, Thorold, Wainfleet and West Lincoln)
  • Miller Waste Systems Inc. will be the contractor for collection area two (Fort Erie, Niagara Falls, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Port Colborne, St. Catharines and Welland)

Project Timeline

May to august 2018
Discussed the impact of proposed collection service options to the industrial, commercial and institutional, mixed use and multi-residential property sectors with business representatives

june to october 2018
Attended Public Works meetings to provide a presentation on the proposed collection service options

october to november 2018
Engaged with stakeholders using online survey, open houses, information booths and digital channels

november to december 2018
Conducted telephone surveys with low-density residential properties in all 12 municipalities

december 2018 to february 2019
Attended local area municipality committee and council meetings to present the proposed collection service options

february to may 2019

Approval by Regional Council of proposed collection service options for the next collection contract. Developed a request for proposal for waste, recycling and organics collection for the next collection contract, including proposed options from public stakeholder consultation.

august 2019

Issued a negotiated request for proposal for the new collection contract to accept bids from all interested parties

august 1 to september 17, 2019

Accepted bids from all parties and proponents were ranked on a combination of both the technical score and pricing

october 17, 2019

Regional Council approved every-other-week garbage collection recommended by Waste Management.

With this direction from Council, short-listed proponents were allowed to submit their Best and Final Offer, which must be less than or equal to their original proposed financial submission.

november 6, 2019

Negotiations concluded with the short-listed proponents

november 14, 2019

Waste Management staff present report on successful proponents to Council


Council to provide direction on optional services, such as special events recycling and scrap metal collection


Select enhanced services by local area municipalities, such as public space recycling and public space litter bin collection

june to october 2020

Introduce service level changes communication campaign

october 19, 2020

Start new collection contract


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