Advancing Organizational Excellence

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Build a strong internal foundation for Niagara Region to enable a more prosperous Niagara.

  • Advance the six strategic priorities and push the organization to its capacity - achieving results is only possible if there is a disciplined, focused approach by Council, the corporate leadership team, and employees

Focused Projects

  • Revenue generation (2016)
    • Research will be conducted on successful revenue generation opportunities in other municipal jurisdictions
    • Regional staff will also research existing revenue sources and trends to identify potential areas with revenue declines or lack of inflation
    • Focus groups will be conducted with internal staff to solicit ideas, options or creative solutions to address new sources of revenue
    • Staff will pursue any/all potential sources of new revenue to achieve the $1M target
  • External value for money audits (2015)
    • Three audits were identified and completed in both operational and capital project areas
    • Audits contained several recommendations for future operational and service delivery models and process improvements
    • Internal audit will be monitoring the degree of implementation and the success of operational improvements related to the audit recommendations
  • People Strategy (2019)
    • Niagara Region has developed a People Strategy to differentiate itself as an employer and region of choice, and to attract and retain top talent
    • Employee engagement is a cornerstone of the strategy. By 2019 Niagara Region aims to increase its employee engagement score from 67 per cent to 80 per cent to align with best in class organizations
  • Customer service (2017)
    • Niagara Region is committed to implementing an integrated customer service model that addresses the multiple ways customers access Niagara Region services
  • Enhanced Financial Management Service (2017)
    • A $12.9 million corporate investment that will replace multiple applications and processes with a corporate-wide enterprise resource planning system
    • The Enhanced Financial Management Service will result in better line-of-sight over investments and assets, while equipping the organization with new revenue streams through consolidated procurement
  • Comprehensive Asset Management Planning
    • Development of a comprehensive asset management plan is an important first step in obtaining financing for necessary infrastructure investments
    • A detailed asset management plan will enable assets to be managed in a consistent fashion, allowing for greater stability in financial and capital planning, more informed decision making regarding investment in assets, and enhanced interdepartmental and inter-jurisdictional collaboration on projects that involve asset management
    • The completed plan will help to ensure the delivery of the best services to taxpayers for the best value

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