Responsible Growth and Infrastructure Planning

Niagara Region is welcoming more people and jobs every day. At the same time, we're building a community that connects our residents to economic opportunities while protecting those features that make Niagara special.

Enhancements to transit networks, like the new NRT OnDemand service and the advancement of a consolidated transit system, are helping to build complete communities by making it easier for rural residents to live and work in Niagara with connections to urban areas.


Making waste collection work for you

Niagara Region heard the concerns of residents and took steps to correct waste collection issues. Starting in October 2020, new service contracts brought improved service delivery, and changes in collection guidelines ensured more than 12,000 tonnes of garbage didn't wind up in our landfills.

Increasing Green Bin use

We collect your garbage, recycling and organics at the curb and take it away, but the work doesn't end there. With the introduction of every-other-week waste collection in 2020, the number of Niagara households setting out a Green Bin increased by 24 per cent.

Launching innovative public transit solutions

We launched the first ever on-demand transit service in 2020, providing an innovative solution for smaller communities that don't need full buses. Since launch, the service has completed more than 36,000 rides, and more trips are being booked daily.

Investing in your roads and water

Since 2018, Niagara Region has invested more than $260 million in its 770 km of roads and 130 bridges. During that same period, more than $700 million has been dedicated to maintaining Niagara's water and sewage infrastructure.

Protecting Niagara's natural environment

Through the new Niagara Official Plan process, over 70,000 hectares of natural features have been identified for protection across Niagara. This includes over 38,000 hectares of new Provincial Natural Heritage System in addition to the 16,110 hectares of existing Greenbelt Natural Heritage System.

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