Sustainable and Engaging Government

Niagara Region is committed to providing high quality, efficient, fiscally sustainable and coordinated core services through enhanced communication, partnerships and collaborations with the community.

Throughout this term of Council, the Region has made progress in exploring efficiencies across all its services, streamlining its operations, and engaging in meaningful stakeholder engagement to ensure our programs and services are meeting the needs of our communities.


Practising accountability

The people of Niagara deserve a Regional government that is open and transparent. That is why Niagara Region swiftly implemented all of the recommendations found in the Ontario Ombudsman's 'Inside Job' report, ensuring that future hiring practices are ethical and accountable.

Listening and learning

Regional Council signed a Declaration of Mutual Commitment and Friendship aimed at promoting co-operation and consultation between the Region and Fort Erie Native Friendship Centre. We continue to take all opportunities to engage with local Indigenous leaders, while also taking action on the relevant Calls to Action found in the Truth and Reconciliation Commission report.

Building a more inclusive Niagara

We're taking steps to make Niagara a more welcoming community for everyone. For example, last September the Region, in partnership with all 12 of Niagara's municipalities, joined UNESCO's Coalition of Inclusive Municipalities. This demonstrated our commitment to promote inclusion and end discrimination in our policies and across Niagara.

Hearing from more voices

Since 2018, Niagara Region has created advisory committees focused on hearing from more voices. With representation from women, youth, and equity seeking groups, Niagara Region is ensuring its policies, programs and services are viewed through a more diverse lens.

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