Doing Business Differently

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Promote the values and implement the strategies that foster economic prosperity in Niagara.

  • Niagara's performance can be improved by changing the way Niagara Region does business. Continuous improvement has now been embedded in much of the organization within its programs and services

Focused Projects

  • Niagara Week is every week
    • Advocate on behalf of Niagara to advance key priority issues, including securing daily commuter GO rail service, ramping up efforts to ensure that Niagara receives an equitable share of homelessness funding, advancing strategic economic development opportunities, and advancing competitive energy policy changes to benefit Niagara industry. Additional areas of focus also include changes to mapping of provincially significant wetlands.
    • Together with Team Niagara and key community partners (e.g., Vineland Research and Innovation Centre, Brock University, Niagara College), advocacy efforts continue, and involve federal relationships where opportunities align
  • Core business transformation (2015)
    • $1 billion in corporate assets has been identified for consideration under an Alternative Service Delivery framework and two comprehensive reviews are to begin in 2015
  • Project teams
    • Multidisciplinary teams will be used to drive the focused projects over the next four years
    • Teams will consist of Niagara Region staff with expertise from across various departments, along with external partners and members of Regional Council
  • Narrow focus to achieve results
    • Niagara Region will use a narrower more defined focus on priorities rather than activities and processes
    • Focus of the organization is fostering an environment for economic prosperity, being enabled by Regional Council's acceptance of the strategic priorities
  • Faster decision-making
    • Niagara Region is actively pursuing ways to expedite the decision-making process and eliminate any unnecessary delays for business and investors while maintaining transparency and accountability to the public

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