Building a Labour-Ready Workforce

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Economies are facing rapid change and unique skills and training are required to stay ahead of the competition.

  • There is currently a phenomenon of “jobs without people, and people without jobs” and this strategy seeks to bridge the gap
  • Careers in the new economy have been difficult to fill because job seekers do not have the right skills to meet labour demand

Focused Projects

  • Joint strategy on youth retention with post-secondary institutions (2017)
    • Attraction and retention of under 40 year olds is a challenge in Niagara
    • Niagara Region is committed to working with community stakeholders such as Niagara Workforce Planning Board, Niagara Industrial Association, and secondary and post-secondary institutions to create new and innovative approaches to address Niagara's challenges and monitor accurate data
  • Bend the curve for Ontario Works caseloads
    • Projected growth is 3 per cent each year for Ontario Works caseloads
    • This project will aim for less than 3 per cent growth in caseloads each year
    • A number of strategies will be addressed, but a short term strategy includes a skills inventory to match Ontario Works clients to local labour market needs
  • Provincial commitment to increased homelessness funding (2018)
    • Access to affordable housing is an important factor in obtaining employment
    • Niagara Region receives less homelessness funding than comparator municipalities, with a gap between $3 million and $10 million (depending on the comparator and the government program)
    • While this gap has been identified to the province, a more concerted, corporate-wide and multi-sectoral effort (similar to GO advocacy) will be required to obtain provincial commitment to equitable funding

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