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Clinics and Classes - Prenatal

  • Prenatal classes

    Our online prenatal classes cover a variety of topics from pregnancy and birth to newborn care. Topics include:

    During pregnancy

    • Physical and emotional changes during pregnancy
    • Fetal development
    • Medical tests and procedures
    • Lifestyle and environmental risks
    • Nutrition
    • Physical activity

    During labour

    • Comfort measures, relaxation and breathing techniques for labour
    • Labour and delivery
    • Pain relief options and medical interventions, such as epidural, induction of labour, episiotomy and caesarean section

    After pregnancy

    • Newborn care
    • Breastfeeding
    • Infant safety
    • Postpartum care
    • Preparation for parenthood

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  • Prenatal appointment

    Meet one-on-one with a public health nurse before having your baby.

    Niagara Region Public Health has partnered with West Lincoln Memorial Hospital and Niagara Health to offer patients delivering in Niagara the opportunity to meet with a public health nurse before they have their baby. During this appointment, expectant parents can:

    • Talk about how they will feed their baby
    • Learn about what to expect when they bring their baby home
    • Be connected to free programs in their community
    • Ask questions about keeping their baby safe and healthy

    To book an appointment, register below or call Niagara Parents at 905-984-7555.

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  • Car seat classes

    Free car seat classes are available throughout the year to teach parents and caregivers how to safely install and use their own child car seats. Each class is 60 minutes long.

    Sessions are offered by community partners, and cover all types of seats, including rear-facing, forward-facing and booster, for children of all ages.

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Find other prenatal education providers, including in-person classes.

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