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Clinics and Classes - Babies and Toddlers

  • Car seat classes

    Free car seat classes are available throughout the year to teach parents and caregivers how to safely install and use their own child car seats. Each class is 60 minutes long.

    Sessions are offered by community partners, and cover all types of seats, including rear-facing, forward-facing and booster, for children of all ages.

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  • Baby Talk classes (for babies under six months)

    Baby Talk classes are run by public health nurses throughout the year at locations across Niagara. Parents and babies meet once a week for four weeks to discuss topics related to babies.

    Each class is about two hours long and gives you the opportunity to:

    • Share your experiences of adjusting to parenting
    • Talk about how babies grow, learn and play
    • Talk about sleep, crying, safety and feeding your baby
    • Learn about attachment and early brain development
    • Learn about community resources for you and your baby
    • Ask a public health nurse questions you may have about your baby

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  • Baby's Sleep classes

    Baby's Sleep classes are free for families or caregivers of babies six to 12 months of age. The classes will:

    • Customize an individualized sleep plan for you and your baby
    • Help you set up a positive sleep environment
    • Teach you the importance of consistently responding to your baby
    • Teach you about your baby's sleep cycle
    • Provide practical tips to help the whole family get more sleep
    • Offer one-on-one telephone support following your class

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    If your baby is less than six months of age, behavioural sleep interventions may not be appropriate for your child. To learn about sleep for infants who are less than 6 months old:

  • Positive Parenting (for children zero to 12 years)

    Positive Parenting is a free, in-person course for parents living in Niagara. The program is evidence-based and used across the world. It gives parents and caregivers simple and practical strategies to build strong healthy relationships with their children.

    Positive Parenting teaches parents how to manage problems such as:

    • Toddler tantrums
    • Bedtime battles
    • Aggressive behaviours
    • Self-esteem issues

    The five week program includes:

    • Five two-hour sessions (once per week)
    • Optional follow-up telephone calls to talk about your individual progress

    The condensed Saturday program includes:

    • Two four and a half hour sessions
    • Optional follow-up telephone calls to talk about your individual progress
    • The same topics are covered in the five week program

    Positive Parenting is run by accredited Triple P instructors.

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  • Well baby clinic and parenting drop-in

    The Well Baby Clinic and Parenting Drop-in is a free service for parents with babies up to one year old.

    Parents can drop-in, weigh their baby and talk with a Public Health nurse. Partners and siblings are welcome too. No appointments are necessary. A Public Health nurse will listen to your concerns and answer your questions about:

    • Baby's health
    • Breastfeeding
    • Feeling as a new parent
    • Baby's sleep
    • Feeding (e.g. introduction to solids)
    • Safety
    • Baby's growth
    • Parenting groups and activities

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