Niagara Official Plan Settlement Area Boundary Review Reports - December 2021

Niagara Region is undertaking a review of settlement area boundaries as part of its new Official Plan.

Reports PDS 41-2021 and PDS 42-2021, from December 2021, set out staff's recommendations for boundary changes. The full reports with appendices are provided below. The version provided as part of the Council agenda did not contain all appendices due to size.

Report PDS 41-2021 components
Report Reference Title
PDS 41-2021 Settlement Area Boundary Review - Urban Recommendations
Appendix 1 Map of All Requests Received as part of Settlement Area Boundary Review
Appendix 2 Map of Recommended Urban Settlement Area Expansions
Appendix 3 2051 Land Needs Assessment (December 2021)
Appendix 4 Niagara Falls and Fort Erie Expansion Area-Wide Context Review
Appendix 5 Boundary Changes from Technical Adjustments to Urban Settlement Areas
Appendix 6 Boundary Changes from Rationalizations
Appendix 7 Provincial Policy Review
Appendix 8 Public Comments
Appendix 9 Urban Settlement Area Assessment Review
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