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Consultation Response and Further Draft Policy - September 2021

The Consultation Response and Further Draft Policy Report (PDS 36-2021) outlines responses to consultation received on the Joint Consolidated May Report (PDS 17-2021), consultation moving forward, timelines and further policy development, namely the Introduction Chapter.

Report components
Report Reference Title
PDS 36-2021 Consultation Response and Further Policy Development
Appendix 1 June Public Information Centre Key Themes
Appendix 2 Themes Emerging from Feedbackon Joint Consolidated May Report
Appendix 3.1 Chapter 2 Growing Region
Appendix 3.2 Chapter 3 Sustainable Region
Appendix 3.3 Chapter 4 Competitive Region
Appendix 3.4 Chapter 5 Connected Region
Appendix 3.5 Chapter 6 Vibrant Region
Appendix 4.1 Executive Overview
Appendix 4.2 Chapter 1- Introduction

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Share your thoughts about the Niagara Official Plan work completed so far. Comments on the draft Introduction Chapter will be received until Nov.1, 2021.

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