2022 Niagara Official Plan

On Dec. 6, 2023, the Province of Ontario passed the Official Plan Adjustments Act (Bill 150) which impacts the Niagara Official Plan. Learn about Bill 150 and the changes to the Niagara Official Plan.

Niagara Regional Council adopted the Niagara Official Plan in June 2022, and the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing approved the plan with modifications in November 2022.

Read the Minister's decision on the new Niagara Official Plan.

The 2022 Niagara Official Plan replaces the former Regional Official Plan and applies to new development, unless transition provisions provide otherwise.

The 2022 Niagara Official Plan is not subject to appeal.

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Download the Niagara Official Plan

Download the consolidated 2022 Niagara Official Plan, including all chapters, map schedules and appendices.

Review the Niagara Official Plan by section





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What's included in the online plan

The online Niagara Official Plan includes Ministerial modifications, amendments in effect as of April 2023 and minor clerical edits. The online version is for information purposes only.

For legal purposes, refer to the original certified documents on file with the Regional Clerk and subsequent Regional Official Plan Amendments.

2022 Niagara Official Plan amendments

Learn about amendments to the Niagara Official Plan.

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