Pre-construction notice for traffic signal rebuild in St. Catharines

​Niagara Region is restarting the rehabilitation of the traffic signal at Westchester Crescent (Regional Road 91) at the Queenston Street (Regional Road 81) intersection in St. Catharines.
Beam Power and Utilities Ltd. Construction is carrying out this contract on behalf of Niagara Region.
Work is tentatively scheduled to start the last week of April and continue until early June 2024, weather permitting.
We will make every effort to maintain access to nearby properties and minimize inconvenience to businesses, residents and pedestrians.
While construction is taking place, the work may affect driveway access in the construction area. Those affected will have advance notice whenever possible. Niagara Region staff or staff appointed on our behalf will contact those with driveway entrances affected to discuss details for each property.
Property owners will be advised of any landscaping items (i.e. trees, shrubs, hedges, fences, planters, statues, irrigation systems, etc.), located on Region property that they may wish to remove or relocate before construction which may otherwise be damaged, destroyed or removed (and not replaced) by the contractor during construction.
Any irrigation systems on Region property will need to be correctly located and marked with white spray paint or indicated with stakes within six metres of the roadway. Only irrigation systems that have been correctly located by the property owner will be repaired if damaged by the contractor. The property owner will be responsible for repairs to any damaged irrigation system on the Region’s property that has not been previously located by the owner.
For questions or concerns, contact the Region’s construction inspector Michael Kuchar at 289-968-8364.
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