Dain City Forcemain Replacement Program - Study Commencement

Niagara Region has initiated a Municipal Class Environmental Assessment for replacement of the Dain City forcemain in the City of Welland. The study is being undertaken to address the replacement of the existing sanitary forcemain from the Dain City Pumping Station to, approximately, the Ontario Road Pumping Station. In developing recommendations for the proposed alignment, all reasonable alternatives will be considered to minimize impact to adjacent residents and the surrounding environment.

The project will follow Schedule "B" of the Municipal Class EA (October 2000, as amended in 2007, 2011 & 2015), which is approved under the Ontario Environmental Assessment Act. As a key element of the Environmental Assessment planning process, input will be sought from the public, stakeholders and technical agencies throughout the study. At this time, it is anticipated that a minimum of one Public Information Centre will be held to share project details and progress with the public. Information regarding the Public Information Centre will be advertised to the public, and upon completion, a Project File will be placed on the public record for 30 days for public review and comment.

For comments, questions or more information on the project, or if you wish to be added to the project mailing list, contact any of the following project team members:

Michelle Moore, C.E.T.
Project Manager

Water and Wastewater Services
Niagara Region
3501 Schmon Pkwy., PO Box 1042
Thorold, ON L2V 4T7
905-685-4225 ext. 3611 or fax: 905-685-5205

Jeff Jaeger, P. Eng.

Kerry T. Howe Engineering Limited
98 Church Street, PO Box 460
St. Catharines, ON L2R 6V9
905 688-6550 ext. 224 or fax: 905-687-7207

Personal information submitted in writing is collected under the authority of the Municipal Act, 2001, and will be used by members of Regional Council and Regional staff. Any written submissions including names and contact information will be made available to the public. Questions should be referred to Ann-Marie Norio, Regional Clerk at 905-980-6000 ext. 3220.‚Äč

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