Commuter GO Trains arrive in Niagara

Service reaching Niagara Falls and St. Catharines arrives four years early

​At 5:19 this morning Niagara residents got their first chance to take advantage of daily commuter GO Train service between Toronto and Niagara Falls. Two-way daily GO Train service has significant economic potential for our region. As GO Train service continues to develop in Niagara, residents can benefit from access to GTHA employment opportunities and an easier commute each morning. In 2019, Niagara Region will continue our work to Move Transit Forward and make Niagara ready for more frequent daily GO Train service and to best take advantage of the GO Train service we now have.

The Region has identified several priorities as we continue to move transit forward:

  • Work with CN to increase our corridor capacity for more frequent trains at current rail stations in Niagara
  • Understand our role in the Province’s new Transit Oriented Development policy and how this affects the new GO Train stations in Grimsby, St. Catharines and Niagara Falls
  • Continue to make enhancements to our local transit network to enable bus-meets-rail connectivity
  • Foster improvement in our transportation infrastructure, which includes key station access corridors around current and future train stations
  • Prepare for the return of summer GO Train service to help residents and tourists experience Niagara

For information on the work in progress throughout Niagara to prepare for daily GO Train service, visit the Region's website on Moving Transit Forward. 


"We appreciate the commitment to GO Train service in Niagara demonstrated by the Province and Metrolinx. The Region has identified two-way daily GO service as one of our top priorities; maximizing this connectivity to the GTHA will be transformative for our community as it has a significant economic impact, attracts new talent to our municipalities and makes Niagara an even better place for our residents to live, work and play."
~ Jim Bradley, Regional Chair


Peter Criscione
Niagara Region
905-980-6000 ext. 3747

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