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Niagara at the Toronto International Bicycle Show

This weekend Niagara Region along with our partners from Venture Niagara, Niagara Parks and the Niagara Cycling Tourism Centre will be participating in the Toronto International Bicycle Show March 2-4, 2018. The show will enable us to showcase the many great cycling opportunities and hospitality options available in our region for residents and visitors alike.

Every year, Niagara welcomes over 14 million visitors to our region, and cycling opportunities throughout Niagara’s 12 communities draw visitors from around the globe. Niagara Regional Council has made cycling a priority for visitors and residents through the Regional Niagara Active Transportation Sub Committee. This group works to have the Niagara Region recognized as the premier bicycle-friendly community in Ontario, where cyclists of all ages and abilities can cycle in safe and enjoyable environments for transportation, recreation and tourism purposes.

With more than 200 scenic cycling routes, a multitude of wineries, craft breweries, food experiences, and accommodations, Niagara has a lot to offer cyclists and active transportation enthusiasts. We have routes to suit cyclists of all experience levels from challenging off road trails to scenic rides in picturesque and historic locations.

Visit bicycleshowtoronto.com for more information on the Toronto International Bicycle Show and visit niagaracyclingtourism.com to find out more about cycling in Niagara including route and trail maps, cycle friendly destination, and service and travel information.


"The Toronto International Bicycle Show allows us to showcase all that Niagara has to offer when it comes to cycling, hospitality and tourism. Niagara provides cyclists with a unique opportunity to experience some of the most scenic landscapes in Canada. As an avid cyclist myself, I know firsthand that there is no better place to escape for a ride than right here in Niagara."
~ Alan Caslin, Niagara Regional Chair
"Niagara's active transportation networks are necessary to support healthy communities and promote an active lifestyle for residents and visitors to our region. Our committee is focused on encouraging the development of safe cycling opportunities across Niagara with our local partners as a means of sustainable transportation, recreation, and tourism."
~ Brian Baty, Regional Councillor; Chair, Regional Niagara Active Transportation Sub-Committee


Carolyn Ryall
Director of Transportation Services
905-980-6000 ext. 3620

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