City of Niagara Falls and Niagara Region push for gaming modernization to be open and accountable

Documents have officially been filed in a joint application by the City of Niagara Falls and Regional Municipality of Niagara requesting a judicial review of the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation’s (OLG’s) proposed modernization of the Niagara Casinos. 

The City and Region strongly believe that the request for proposals (RFP) issued by the OLG will harm job growth and economic development in the Region. The OLG has opposed the approach of an open and public debate process and are attempting to conduct the RFP procurement process in secret. Mayor Jim Diodati and Regional Chair Alan Caslin are committed to fighting for transparency and openness during this review, as the lives and livelihoods of residents throughout the Region are being affected.  

The City and Region will continue to pursue this matter through the courts to ensure jobs and economic development are a key consideration in the decision as to which company should operate the Niagara Casinos and under what terms. The City and Region maintain that working with the Province and the OLG through an open and public process will lead to better outcomes. 


"The OLG's modernization plans will harm job security and growth across the Niagara Region. As Niagara Regional Chair, my main focus remains standing up for the hard-working families that depend on these 1400 jobs to make ends meet. As it stands, this RFP is not in the best interests of Niagara families and I hope that OLG and the Provincial Government change course to deliver a result that makes Niagara jobs a priority. "
~ Alan Caslin, Niagara Regional Chair
"Our community is relying on an open and public debate based on a transparent process. We have always been clear and our priorities remain unchanged: This is about families, the jobs they depend on and in turn, fairness in the OLG's process toward host communities. In essence we want to work with the Province to grow the gaming pie, not cut it in to smaller pieces. "
~ Jim Diodati, Mayor, City of Niagara Falls


Jason Tamming
Niagara Region
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Carey Campbell
Office of the Mayor and CAO, City of Niagara Falls
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