Regional Council committed to continuous improvement through Region’s first ever Internal Audit Plan

​Last night, Niagara Regional Council took a step toward improving its internal controls and practices by approving the 2018 Internal Audit Plan.

The plan and resulting audit reports will proactively identify opportunities for positive changes that can be made to the Region’s programs, services and projects that will increase efficiencies and mitigate risks to the organization. The Audit Plan follows two years of Value-for-Money Audits of seven projects that this term of Council directed to help ensure value for taxpayers money in targeted reviews of Regional programs and projects.

Execution of the Audit Plan will start in 2018, and will be completed within existing budgets by the Region’s Internal Controls and Organizational Performance team. The work will conform to the International Standards for the Professional Practice of Internal Auditing (IIA Standards). 

The plan was developed based on extensive research and feedback from members of the Region’s Audit Committee, as well as the Corporate Leadership Team and other staff.

Fourteen audit projects are being proposed for completion through the plan in 2018. Examples of programs and services participating in the plan include the Region’s procurement processes, Planning and Development Services’ Grants and Incentives program, and risk assessments on the Region’s Children’s Services, Long-term Care Homes and Water Treatment Operations. A tentative Three-Year Audit Plan, subject to re-evaluation, has also been identified.

Read the full 2018 Internal Audit Plan​.


"Embarking on the Region’s first ever Internal Audit Plan is a key step in improving our internal controls and accountability, and highlights Regional Council’s commitment to openness, transparency and continuous improvement. Having this new level of oversight will provide staff and council with the information we need to make thoughtful, informed and fiscally responsible decisions."
~ Niagara Regional Chair Alan Caslin
"I’m pleased Regional Council has decided to embark on this new initiative. Strengthening our internal controls was a key proposal I brought forward as CAO, and our dedicated team has worked hard to build up the internal capacity to create and execute this plan. I have every confidence that the work of our Internal Controls and Organizational Performance team will produce high-quality intelligence and oversight to aid Council’s decision-making process."
~ Niagara Region CAO Carmen D’Angelo
"This plan is the result of months of hard work on the part of staff, Council, and Council’s Audit Committee. We’ve created a plan that’s built on robust research, best-practices, stakeholder input resulting in a plan that will ensure clear and consistent decision-making for years to come."
~ Regional Councillor Tony Quirk, Audit Committee Chair


Jason Tamming
Niagara Region

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