Niagara Region Transit service keeps moving forward

Niagara Region has unanimously approved a three year extension of Niagara Regional Transit, after achieving unanimous approval of the agreement by the service operators. This action keeps our current inter-municipal  service running while the Region and local area municipalities continue to work on a new integrated transit service for Niagara.

While work continues towards a truly integrated system, we continue to make improvements to the current service focused on the rider experience. Under the direction of the Linking Niagara Transit Committee, numerous customer-facing improvements have been achieved since the committee’s work began in 2018:
  • Aligning customer service polices across all four large transit systems effective April 1, 2018
  • Effective March 1, 2018 all Niagara transit systems’ routes are available to riders on a single digital mobile platform – “Transit App” 
  • Consolidating after hours customer service call handling to a single external provider
  • Completing a comprehensive Provincial Gas Tax analysis and engagement with the MTO on route rationalization and impacts to local providers
  • Finalizing Niagara Region Transit agreements with Brock University and Niagara College for summer 2018.

Niagara Region Transit continues to grow with approximately 500,000 rides a year. Niagara Region Transit is funded by Niagara Region and operated by Welland Transit, Niagara Falls Transit and St. Catharines Transit. The service began in 2010 as a pilot project between Niagara Region the City of Niagara Falls, the City of Welland and the St. Catharines Transit Commission. In 2017 through a unanimous triple majority process, Niagara Region obtained the jurisdiction to operate inter-municipal transit routes on a permanent basis.


Matt Robinson
Director, GO Implementation Office
905-980-6000 ext. 3198

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