Reusable Goods Drop-off now open at Niagara Road 12 Landfill Site

Today, Niagara Region and the Grimsby Benevolent Fund celebrate the launch of a new Reusable Goods Drop-off at the Niagara Road 12 Landfill in West Lincoln. This new drop-off location will allow residents to donate gently used items for reuse instead of disposing of these items in a landfill.

The new Reusable Goods Drop-off is conveniently located before the scales at the Niagara Road 12 Landfill site, allowing residents to easily stop there first to donate reusable goods and then proceed to the landfill to dispose of any additional materials that cannot be donated for reuse.

The Depot accepts a wide variety of items such as; clothing, household wares, furniture, functioning appliances (large and small), shoes and accessories, jewelry, sporting equipment, toys, artwork and musical instruments.

The drop-off is operated by the Grimsby Benevolent Fund, and all materials donated are brought to the GBF store for resale. Profits from the store provide low cost, and in many cases, free clothing furniture and household products to those in need and directly fund the works of the Grimsby Benevolent Fund Client Services and Food Bank. Additionally, the store creates an opportunity for people to participate in charitable works through their donations or volunteer services.

The Niagara Road 12 Landfill is located at 7015 Concession Road 7 in West Lincoln, and is open Tuesday to Friday from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. and Saturday from 8 a.m. – 4 p.m. While the landfill is only open to residents of Grimsby, Lincoln, Pelham and West Lincoln, the Reusable Goods Drop-off is open to all residents of Niagara. For more information on waste management services in Niagara, visit


"The new Reusable Goods Drop-off is a great addition to the host of services our Niagara Regional Council is supporting to help residents protect our environment and keep waste out of our landfills. The types of goods that this drop-off will collect are always in need, and I’d like to thank our community partners like the Grimsby Benevolent Fund for partnering with us to get them into the hands of Niagara residents, instead of a landfill. "
~ Regional Chair Alan Caslin
"This is a wonderful partnership with the Niagara Region to promote reusing and reducing. This is a great Day for GBF Community Services and those serviced by us. It allows an opportunity for residents to donate their items for continued use while helping others and reducing waste."
~ Stacy Elia, Executive Director, GBF Community Services


Darrell Neufeld
Niagara Region
905-980-6000 ext. 3813

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