Changes to fees at Regional disposal sites

On February 23, 2023, Niagara Regional Council approved changes to disposal fees, effective April 1, 2023. The new fees reflect the true cost of managing these materials.

Changes to fee rates

  • Garbage, construction and demolition material 50 kg and above changes from $120 / tonne to $122.50 / tonne 
  • Shingles - residential and commercial changes from $75 / tonne to $80 / tonne
  • Clean soil - commercial changes from $30 / load to $39 / load
  • Contaminated soil - commercial changes from $35 / tonne to $39 / tonne

Fort Erie - Bridge Street Waste and Recycling Drop-Off Depot does not accept clean or contaminated soil.

Residents are encouraged to separate all recyclable material to reduce waste going to landfill. Separating out recyclables can also save residents on disposal fees.

Learn more about waste management services in Niagara

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