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New Bridge Housing services officially open in Niagara Falls

Today, Niagara Region along with Niagara Regional Housing, joined Jim Bradley, Niagara Regional Chair, and Niagara Falls Mayor Jim Diodati in announcing the new bridge housing services in Niagara Falls.

This project includes the redevelopment of the historical Niagara Falls library into 25 beds to support the region’s chronically homeless clients in their journey to securing permanent housing.

It also houses a medical clinic space operated by REACH Niagara, which will support both bridge housing clients and vulnerable members of the community with health care needs.

The collaboration between Niagara Region, the City of Niagara Falls, Niagara Regional Housing and other partners helps address an unmet need in Niagara for those living in a state of chronic homelessness and need supports in the areas of intensive case management, mental health, addictions and physical health.

The City of Niagara Falls donated the land and building to contribute to this community asset for homeless clients.

Niagara Region supports the annual operating costs for this facility, providing for case management staffing, building operations and other necessary supplies.

This initiative builds on other important work done by the Region and community partners to address chronic homelessness.

The Bridge Housing facility supports the Region’s commitment to the Built For Zero Canada a national movement of communities working to achieve an end to homelessness.


"This term of Regional Council has made it a priority to put resources and funding towards programs to help end chronic homelessness and support those with more acute needs including mental health and addictions. This new Bridge Housing facility is going to do exactly that. I want to thank our many partners for making this project a reality."
~ Jim Bradley, Regional Chair
"Addressing homelessness takes a village. This Bridge Housing facility in Niagara Falls is bringing the village to the front lines and helping those who need it most. Equipped with all of the supports and fully staffed, this is a game changer for our community. These units will mean the difference between living on the street and having a place to call home. We are proud of the collaboration this took and thank all of our dedicated partners on this project."
~ Mayor Jim Diodati, City of Niagara Falls

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