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Niagara Region celebrates National Public Works Week

From turning on a tap or flushing a toilet to driving along a regional road, disposing of garbage or recyclables, or taking transit between municipalities - the services provided by Niagara Region Public Works play an integral role in our everyday lives.

To recognize these contributions, Niagara Region is celebrating the work of all our Public Works staff from May 15-21 in support of National Public Works Week.

National Public Works Week is the annual celebration of the tens of thousands of public works professionals throughout North America.

The theme for National Public Works week this year is Ready & Resilient. The theme focuses on the superheroes that lie within each and every public works professional. They are always ready to serve their communities, and resilient as ever in their abilities to pick themselves up off the ground after encountering challenges.

The theme also highlights the ability of these professionals to perform regular public works duties and be ready at a moment's notice to react to severe weather events and overcome emergencies in the field.

Public works superheroes help keep Niagara strong by providing an infrastructure of services in transportation, water and wastewater treatment, recycling and waste collection and disposal, and public transit.

They are what make our communities great places to live and work so join us in celebrating these superheroes.


"National Public Works Week is an opportunity to celebrate the people in public works who enhance the quality of life for our communities everyday and to recognize the many essential services they provide. In Niagara, we have a strong and dedicated team of public works professionals that are committed to fostering healthy and vibrant communities and a sustainable environment. The work they do day in and day out makes a difference in the lives of residents across Niagara."
~ Bruce Zvaniga, Commissioner, Public Works (Interim)
"Happy National Public Works Week. On behalf of our entire organization, I send my deepest thanks to all our Public Works staff for all your hard work. You are always ready to work and are resilient, even when faced with challenges, such as those we have faced over the past two years. The work you do everyday is critical to our daily life and we certainly don’t take it for granted."
~ Ron Tripp, CAO
"As we celebrate National Public Works Week, it is important to recognize the contributions which public works employees make every day to our health, safety, comfort and quality of life. Public Works services are essential to our daily function and we thank Niagara Region staff for representing this year’s theme. They are always ready to contribute and resilient in the face of any challenges. Thank you for all that you do."
~ Jim Bradley, Regional Chair

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