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Regional Council's statement on its code of conduct

​As required by the Municipal Act, 2001, Niagara Regional Council has a formal code of conduct that each member committed to following when being sworn into office. The code spells out what is considered acceptable conduct and the expectation is that every member will follow it closely. We believe that the standards outlined in our code serve to enhance the public’s confidence in the Region, as well as ensure members conduct themselves with integrity.
As Regional Councillors, we are required to accurately communicate the decisions of council, even if we may disagree with the outcome. All members are expected to be mindful of the importance of their duties, and the influence they have in the community. Those who hold elected office are seen as leaders within their municipalities and should conduct themselves in a way that maintains and promotes the public’s trust.
We take breaches of the code seriously. Councillors are entitled to due process under the Municipal Act and we rely on the services of an Integrity Commissioner to provide us with advice before taking any actions. When a Councillor is found to have contravened our code of conduct by the Integrity Commissioner, it reflects poorly on that individual member, on Regional Council and ultimately on our entire community.
In our role as Niagara’s Board of Health, we are committed to supporting all Public Health directives and fostering an environment where the public can have confidence in Ontario’s health system. We are responsible for upholding all relevant provincial legislation, as well as ensuring the community’s health needs are being met.
Finally, all members of council, without exception, are expected to follow all federal, provincial and municipal statutes at all times. Members are expected to educate themselves on all relevant policies and legislation, and conduct themselves in a way that does not contravene the law.

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