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The Value of One. The Power of Many: Niagara Region honours long-term care home volunteers

National Volunteer Week reflects the awe-inspiring acts of kindness by millions of individuals and the magic that happens when we work together towards a common purpose. This past year, we have seen people supporting family, friends, neighbours and strangers; people standing up to systemic racism, and people sharing insights on how to create a more just and equitable society. We recognize the value of the caring and compassion that each one has shown another, and we recognize the power of people, organizations and sectors working together.

This year, Niagara Region is acknowledging the dedication, hard work, importance and hours of services that volunteers across all eight Regional long-term care homes provided for 2020 and 2021.

Deer Park Villa

  • 5 years: Sandra Davidson
  • 10 years: Bonnie Annable, Catharine Hare, Christine Hodgkins, Lois Muis, Dina Reinders, Kathy McQueen, Christine Cavers
Gilmore Lodge

  • ​5 years: Debbie Engels, Marjorie Blue, Kathleen Duncan, Darlene Clapham, Helen Potter, Michael Baczynski, Jean Beam
  • 10 years: Terri Brodeau, Dianne Pearce
  • 15 years: Janet Seburn
  • 20 years: Darlene Levere, Elsie Pietz
  • 30 years: Evelyn Marchuk, Faye Stapleton
  • ​5 years: Madeline Caron, Claude Denomme, Priscilla Leblanc, Derek Saunders, Bob Winters, Nathan Glintz, Brigitta Glintz, Chris Atack, Karen Butler, Sue Conrad, Rennie Cuthbertson, Megan Hickey, Sister Aracely Lartategui, Annette Loeffen, Louise McMaster, Mohamad Omar, Bob Park, Linda Ukroenz 
  • 10 years: Marlene Grosskurth, Nancy Henry, Darlene Legros, Ricardo Luna Rios, Mary Wismer, Dave Case, Vicki Case, Cathie Cretney, Pat Doede, Ruth Shields, Greta Livingstone
  • 15 years: Aric Griffin, Ina Mullholland, Wayne Wismer
  • 20 years: Maureen Gibson, Laurier LePage, Debbie LePage
  • 30 years: Jacob Decock, Bernard Baril
  • 35 years: Donna Warkentin
Meadows of Dorchester
  • ​5 years: Leonard Shalanko, Ginette Iveney, Norm Beam, Roy Janes, Jane Janes​
  • 10 years: Daria Newport
  • 30 years: Norma Maguire
Northland Pointe
  • ​5 years: Weara Dunham, Natalie Symonds, Nancy Sloan
  • 10 years: Eleanor Balogh, Verna Roy, Nancy Forsyth, Judy Marr
  • 15 years: Terry Banner, Elaine Paquet
  • 20 years: Joan Mahaffey, Marsha Dilts
  • 25 years: Josephine Korros, Rita Macoretta
  • 40 years: Mary Koval​
Rapelje Lodge
  • ​5 years: Noreen Brenner, Lorraine Paolone, Judy Vitucci, Jenny Renaud, Harry Kolhi, Hans Selst, Fr. Paul Vellakuin
  • 10 years: Sharlene Hatton, Nancy Ingrao, Bill Train, Linda Aucoin, Nancy Libertini
  • 15 years: Yvonne Caldwell
  • 20 years: Janice Deslaurier, Alma Sweet
  • 25 years: Olive Maj
  • 35 years: Helen Pelzer
Upper Canada Lodge
  • ​5 years: Ruth Bartel, Wendy Bilinsky, Patricia Klotz, Jackie McNally, Marlene Bridgeman, Marjorie Clarke, Joan Morgan, Cathy Read
  • 10 years: Marjorie Angus
  • 15 years: Lily Kaczmarek
  • 20 years: Jennifer Payne
  • 25 years: Linda Gula
  • 30 years: Carole Smith
Woodlands of Sunset
  • ​5 years: Bev Typer, Shirley Vezina
  • 15 years: Linda Middleton, Mary Fromberg, Hugette Game, Nancy Lockhart, Marlene Reitsma, Richard Middleton
  • 25 years: Olive Maj, Father Norm, Mary Jones
  • 35 years: Marie Druiett

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