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Regional Chair Bradley’s statement on the ongoing whistleblower investigation

Chair Bradley offers the following statement in regards to the ongoing whistleblower investigation:

“In the interest of full transparency and openness, I can confirm that an independent third party has been obtained to conduct an investigation of matters brought to Regional Council’s attention under the whistleblower policy. Council has retained Kroll Consulting Canada Co. to handle the independent investigation, and to date has spent $87,126 on this matter. 

This total does not include the costs associated with the external engineering firm that has been contracted to support certain technical elements of the investigation.

The Niagara Region will abide by the provisions of its Whistleblower Policy and refrain from providing any specific details until the investigation has been completed. It is important that the specifics of this matter remain confidential to protect the integrity of the process.

It is my expectation that members of council will abide by both the Region’s Whistleblower Policy and their Code of Conduct going forward and refrain from providing any further public comment on this matter. It is the Niagara Region’s intent to continue to treat this matter as confidential and provide no further commentary.”

Correction: Council has retained Kroll Consulting, not retrained as noted in the original news release.


Daryl Barnhart
Executive Officer to the Regional Chair

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