Niagara Region receives the Distinguished Budget Presentation Award from Government Finance Officers Association

​The Government Finance Officers Association formally announced that Niagara Region has received the Distinguished Budget Presentation Award for its 2019 budget. This award represents a significant achievement for the corporation and the team involved in presenting the Region’s budget.

Congratulations to the Financial Management and Planning team for their hard work on this project. Each year the budget document is a combined effort between directors, managers, the corporate leadership team and Region agencies, boards and commissions. This award reflects the commitment of the Region to meet the highest standards of government budgeting.

n order to receive the award, Niagara Region had to satisfy nationally recognized guidelines for effective budget presentation. These guidelines are designed to assess how well an organization’s budget serves as a:

  • Policy document
  • Financial plan
  • Operations guide
  • Communications device

Budget documents must be rated “proficient” in all four categories, and in the 14 mandatory criteria within those categories, to receive the award.

More than 1,600 organizations participate in the Budget Awards Program and the most recent award recipients, along with their budget documents, are posted quarterly on the Government Finance Officers Association website. Award recipients have pioneered efforts to improve the quality of budgeting and provide an excellent example for other governments throughout North America. This year the Certificate of Recognition for Budget Presentation was presented to Margaret Murphy, Associate Director, Budget Planning and Strategy.


"As budget chair, I’m pleased to learn that the hard work and collaboration of staff and council has resulted in this distinguished budget award. I believe we ensured the 2019 budget met the expectations of our residents for high quality services and programs while also taking into account that the Region must invest for long-term impact."
~ Gary Zalepa, Regional councillor and budget chair


Peter Criscione
Niagara Region
905-980-6000 ext. 3747

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