2006 Niagara Photo Gallery

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Colourful Falls

Colourful Falls

Visiting Niagara Falls at night during the Festival of Lights is another way to enjoy the awesome beauty of the falls themselves, as well as the holiday light displays set up every year along the Parkway. Elma Regnerus, Grimsby

Highland Cattle
Stunning Ice Forms on the Falls
Lighthouse In High Winds
Washed Up
Always Chirpy
Muskrat's Joy
Snow Creature
Winter's Thaw
Nature's Dragon
Return of the Robins
Handful of Snow
Frozen Beach
Aero Car View
Dry Docks
April Showers
Importance of Pollinators
Nested Eggs
Foal's Welcome
Canopy of Blossoms
Jacob Fry House
Learning to Walk
Sunset on the Boardwalk
Grand Trunk Railway
Ready To Race
Old Spreader
Brock Tower
Feeding From the Flower
Musket Demonstration
Shadows at the Locks
Sunset Over the Harbour
Summer Morning
Busy Beach
Ghostly Grapes
Centennial Celebrations Flower
Pondage Water Control Station
A Taste of the Flowers
Wine Grape Harvest
Local and Fresh
A Different Perspective
Glorious Fall Yellow
Ghost Car
Autumn Flow
A Glance Forward
Bullfrog Close-Up
Heavy Fog
'The Race'
Up the Creek
Winter Sparrow

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