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Waterfront Investment Program

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The Waterfront Investment Program promotes partnerships, private sector investment and public access to waterfronts in the Niagara region. It will support large-scale and economically significant projects that have both local and regional impact. Priority will be given to waterfront investment projects that:

  • Contribute to regional economic prosperity
  • Leverage non-governmental sources of funding
  • Achieve high standards for design and energy efficiency
  • Are operationally sustainable
  • Positively impact assessment values in the surrounding area
  • Enhance public experience of waterfront

Funded projects


Though private and public partnerships are encouraged, only local municipalities and the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority are eligible to apply.


Proposed projects must be located within the boundaries of at least one of the following:

Lakefronts - Projects within approximately 5 kilometres of the shorelines of Lake Erie and Lake Ontario

Inland Waterfronts - Projects within approximately 500 metres (250 metres on either side, extending from the centre line of water feature) of the following:

  • Four Mile Creek
  • Decew Falls
  • Lyon's Creek
  • Martindale Pond / Twelve Mile Creek
  • Lake Gibson
  • Black Creek
  • Fifteen Mile Creek
  • Niagara River
  • Beaver Creek
  • Sixteen Mile Creek
  • Hydro Canal
  • Quarry Ponds
  • Eighteen Mile Creek
  • Welland River
  • Miller's Creek
  • Frenchman's Creek
  • Wainfleet Bog
  • Jordan Harbour / Twenty Mile Creek
  • Welland Canal
  • Welland Recreational Canal
  • Historic Feeder Canal
  • Forty Mile Creek

Projects adjacent to minor drainage tributaries, agricultural drains and other minor hydrologic features are not eligible for funding.


  • Projects must Include construction (e.g. construction of trails, public washroom facilities, revetments and / or groynes) and / or installation (e.g. waterfront access signage to help visitors and local residents access waterfronts from trail networks and connect the waterfronts to public amenities, restaurants and shopping areas)
  • Projects must demonstrate specific economic and public realm benefit
  • Projects may be phased over multiple years, but total project request must be made through a single application
  • Successful applicants are required to execute an agreement with Niagara Region outlining the terms and conditions of funding
  • Proposed projects must have a minimum total project cost of $1,000,000

Contact Information

Marian Bannerman
Program Manager, Grants and Incentives
905-980-6000 ext. 3357 or 1-800-263-7215
Email Marian Bannerman

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