Niagara's Water Source Protection Plan

Niagara Region together with local municipalities has developed a Source Protection Plan to meet requirements under the Clean Water Act.

Intake Protection Zones

Niagara's Source Protection Plan policies address potential threats to Niagara's municipal drinking water sources through defined Intake Protection Zones. These zones are near water treatment intakes and are considered vital in the delivery of safe drinking water.

The policies apply to specific land-based activities within these zones which have greater potential to impact water quality.

Homes or businesses located within an Intake Protection Zone that may engage in activity that could pose a threat to a drinking water supply, may be affected by Niagara's Source Protection Plan policies.

Find out if you are in an Intake Protection Zone.

Contribute to Protecting Niagara's Drinking Water

If you are following recognized best practices and regulations for your industry then it is likely you are already doing enough to manage your activity.

In the instance where a landowner or business is operating in a manner that poses risk to a drinking water supply, they may have to make changes to their operation.

  • Maintaining septic systems
  • Disposing of hazardous waste properly
  • Minimizing use of pesticides, fertilizers and de-icing salt
  • Storing fuels properly
  • Reporting hazardous spills or pollutant spills to the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change by calling 1-800-268-6060
  • Learn about what items are hazardous waste, how and where to dispose of them

For more information on preventative water source protection actions for your type of business email the Risk Management Official.

Water Treatment Process

Niagara Region, together with local area municipalities ensures that treated water is available for your home or business year-round.

Water treated at Niagara Region Water Treatment Plants and distributed by your local municipality is subject to a multi-barrier treatment process. This process ensures that your community receives high quality, safe, reliable drinking water.

These barriers include:

  • Source water protection
  • Up-to-date water treatment systems
  • Reliable distribution systems
  • Professional training for water managers
  • Careful and regular testing of our water supplies
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