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Moving Water Forward

Clean water, brought to you in part by Niagara Region

Clean water is an essential part of our everyday lives. We need it to drink, clean our food, wash our hands, as well as take away our waste to maintain good health.

Niagara Region's Water and Wastewater Services division plays a major role in providing clean, safe drinking water to our communities.

It also helps to protect our nearby lakes and waterways through source water protection programs and effective wastewater treatment.

Virtual Water Treatment Plant Tour

Get an inside look at one of our water treatment plants with a virtual walk-through of the building. Take a water treatment plant tour.

Connected through water

We all have a role to play when it comes to providing and maintaining sustainable water services and resources.

Niagara Region

Local municipality

  • Distributes drinking water to the community
  • Collects wastewater from homes and businesses to send back to the Region's treatment facilities
  • Tracks water quality and consumption in the distribution system
  • Bills customers


Residents, businesses and visitors who consume municipal water and / or are connected to the sewer system also have a role to play and need to:

Treat, monitor and protect

Our trained and dedicated operations, maintenance and technical staff work diligently to ensure our drinking water is clean and safe, and to treat wastewater before it returns to the environment to protect our water resources.

  • Drinking water treatment

    A multi-barrier approach to our drinking water treatment processes provides numerous checkpoints for safety in our system.

    Continuous monitoring and sampling at our water treatment plants ensures that the drinking water distributed to local municipalities is safe to drink and meets the strict and highly regulated requirements for drinking water quality in Ontario.

    Our water quality reports are provided to the Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Parks and are made available to the public.

  • Wastewater treatment

    Wastewater treatment plants handle and treat the wastewater (sewage) that enters the sewer system. Whatever goes down the drains or toilets will end up at the treatment plant where a combination of physical, biological and chemical processes remove contaminants from the wastewater to make it cleaner to return to the environment.

    Our wastewater treatment plants and associated facilities like sewage pumping stations undergo routine sampling and monitoring by trained operators and must also meet standards required under regulations by the Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Parks.

    We also have our own sewer-use by-law which is enforced by environmental enforcement officers to protect our water systems from illegal discharges that could affect our environment.

Manage, operate and maintain

We manage, operate and maintain $4.4 billion in water and wastewater infrastructure across Niagara. We operate and maintain six water treatment plants, 11 wastewater treatment facilities, and 178 other facilities and pumping stations, including 614 kilometres of pipe below ground.

We employ highly trained and certified operators and maintenance staff; instrumentation and SCADA technicians; and electricians and millwrights. Together, they work to ensure continuous, efficient and reliable water and wastewater treatment services.

In 2020, we treated 55.56 billion litres of drinking water and 70.31 billion litres of wastewater.

Plan and build

We plan and build water and wastewater systems that produce clean, safe drinking water and provide effective treatment of wastewater to ensure protection of the environment.

Our water and wastewater systems are designed to meet the needs of Niagara based on many factors, including:

  • Current usage
  • Population and expected growth
  • Budget
  • Age and condition of existing infrastructure
  • Weather and climate conditions
  • Evolving regulatory requirements
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