Drinking Water Quality Management System

Niagara Region was one of the first municipalities in Ontario to receive municipal drinking water licences under the provincial Municipal Drinking Water Licensing Program. These licences were issued by the former Ministry of the Environment under the Safe Drinking Water Act, 2002.

We hold five municipal drinking water licences, one for each of the drinking water systems we own and operate. We have maintained these licences since 2009.

To receive these licences, Niagara Region developed, implemented and received accreditation of a Water Quality Management System. The Water Quality Management System conforms with the Ministry's Drinking Water Quality Management Standard and governs the operations of all five drinking water systems owned and operated by Niagara Region.

We first received accreditation of our Water Quality Management System in 2009, and maintain this accreditation through annual audits by a Ministry-appointed third-party auditor.

Water Quality Management System policy

Niagara Region has implemented a Water Quality Management System to demonstrate our dedication to providing consumers with high quality drinking water.

We're committed to:

  • Working to ensure the quality management system is maintained and continually improved
  • Abiding by all relevant legislation and regulations
  • Treating and producing water that is clean and safe
  • Educating the public about the importance of water
  • Respecting Niagara's most precious resource - water

If you have any questions, email quality management system representatives.

Financial planning

We are required to prepare a Water Financial Plan to plan for the long-term funding of our drinking water systems. It represents a current snapshot of Niagara's financial position.

This is part of the Municipal Drinking Water Licensing Program.

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