2011 Niagara Community Design Awards - Winners

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This is the seventh year of the Design Awards. The objective of the Niagara Community Design Awards is to recognize and celebrate excellence in community design in the Niagara Region. This year's awards will continue to focus on projects that enhance the built environment, efficiently use land, and demonstrate creativity and vision.


Award Winners

Small Scale Project

This award recognizes an infill or redevelopment project that is smaller in scale or nature that demonstrates excellence in design. This project creatively and effectively uses the site, is complimentary to the existing surroundings, and intensifies and provides additional choice within the area.

2011 Honourable Mention: Lincoln County Humane Society 160 Fourth Ave., St. Catharines

Nominated, Nominator, Architect and engineer

Norman Ocampo Quartek Group Inc. Architects and Engineers

The approximately 4800 square foot addition to this existing facility was completed in September 2011 and provided enhanced operational capacity for a spay / neuter clinic. The design complements the existing scale, scope and style of the building, while intensifying the site and maintaining existing landscaping.

Larger Scale Project

This award recognizes an infill or redevelopment project that is larger in scale or nature that demonstrates excellence in design. This project creatively and effectively uses land, is complimentary to the existing surroundings, and intensifies and provides additional choice within the area.

2011 Award Winner: The Heatherwood Fine Retirement Residence, 113 Scott St., St. Catharines


John Hitchcock & Judy Freeman, Primetime Living Retirement Residences

Nominator and Nominated

Norman Ocampo, Quartek Group Inc. Architects and Engineers

Architect and Engineer

Nigel Scott, Quartek Group Inc. Architects and Engineers

Specialist Consultant

Stephen Tyler, LTD Consulting Group


Max DeAngelis, DeAngelis Construction Ltd.

Completed in the spring of 2007, this eighty unit independent living residence complements the existing assisted living residence beside, while offering housing choices close to nearby shops and facilities. The building maximizes the available space by creating an interior courtyard between the two buildings that offers additional amenity for residents, and providing underground parking. The well-articulated façade of the building provides an attractive addition to the site that remains at a pedestrian scale.


2011 Honourable Mention: Market Hall, Brock University, 500 Glenridge Ave., St. Catharines


Scott Roper, Scott Walker & Tom Arkell, Brock University and Donald Schmitt, Diamond & Schmitt Architects

Nominator and Architect

Donald Schmitt, Principal, Diamond and Schmitt Architects

Engineer (Structural)

David Bowick, Principal, Blackwell Bowick Partnership Ltd.

Engineer (Mechanical)

Art Rebek, TMP Niagara

Engineer (Electrical) Bob Lymer, President, Mulvey + Banani International Inc.
Specialist Consultant
(Food Services)
John Radchenko, Partner, Van Velzen + Radchenko
Specialist Consultant (Cost) Gerard McCabe, Principal, Turner & Townsend Curran McCabe Ravindran Ross
Specialist Consultant (Code) James Ware, LMDG Building Code Consultants
Specialist Consultant (Acoustics) Mohan Barman, Aercoustics
Specialist Consultant Chris Hannah, Principal, Cricket Design Co.
Specialist Consultant (Specifications) Brian Ballantyne, Principal, Brian Ballantyne Specifications
Specialist Consultant
(Civil Engineer)
Phil Quickfall, Stantec


John Rasetta, Maracon Construction

Construction on this 12,000 square foot dining and event space began in 2008 and was completed in 2010. It offers a variety of food offerings in a marketplace format as well as gathering and amenity spaces for staff and students to enjoy. This addition was noted for creatively integrating a multi-purpose area into the University fabric that offers many opportunities for learning, gathering, and viewing, all while showcasing local products.


2011 Honourable Mention: Scotiabank Convention Centre, 6815 Stanley Ave., Niagara Falls


Bob Bolibruck, Manager of Community Improvement, City of Niagara Falls


Mayor Jim Diodati & Kerry Painter, General Manager, Scotiabank Convention Centre

(Project Management):

Reg Coates, Project Manager, MHPM


Paul Cravit, CS&P Architects Inc.


Pino Antilope, Construction Manager, Bondfield Construction Co.

The groundbreaking for this 288,000 square foot building occurred in the spring of 2009, and the building was officially opened in the spring of 2011. The LEED silver building boasts an exhibition hall, ballroom, meeting and breakfast spaces and 1000 seat theatre, and is well situated close to many of the hotels in Niagara Falls. The building reflects community design principles with its close connection to the street, keeping parking behind and attention to the pedestrian scale.


Public Realm Improvement

This award recognizes excellence in design of the spaces between the places, and presents a significant improvement to the public realm. This category may include public art, parking lots, parks, or road realignment that effectively integrates with the surrounding buildings, is accessible, and contributes to the beautification and use of the site.

2011 Award Winner: The City of Port Colborne Olde Humberstone Community Improvement Plan Main Street between Elm Street and Canal


Lindsay Richardson, Community/Policy Planner, City of Port Colborne


The City of Port Colborne, Dan Aquilina, Director of Planning & Development


Brad Keeler, Senior Associate, MBTW Group

Engineer Richard Hodge, President/Senior Project Manager, Upper Canada Consultants
Specialist Consultant Mark Gayowsky, Vice President, RTG Systems


Ed Dujlovic, Project Manager, Alfidome Construction

The Community Improvement Plan for the area was originally approved in 2008, and construction began in July of 2010 finishing in October 2011. The improvements have resulted in attractive enhancements to the bridges including viewing platforms, realignment of significant roads, repaving of roadways, and widening and redevelopment of existing sidewalk areas that includes extensive landscaping, new lighting and the development of new signage.


2011 Award Winner City of Niagara Falls Main & Ferry BIA, Main St. & Ferry St., Niagara Falls


Bob Bolibruck, Manager of Community Improvement, City of Niagara Falls


Mayor Jim Diodati and Ruth Ann Nieuwesteeg, Chair, Main & Ferry BIA


Jeff Claydon, Landscape Architect, City of Niagara Falls


Dave Van de Laar, CAD Technician, City of Niagara Falls

Specialist Consultant
(Street Lighting Design)

Neil O'Farrell, Genivar


Ed Dujlovic, Project Engineer, Alfidome Construction Ltd.

The construction in this Community Improvement Plan area began in the winter of 2010, and was completed in the spring of 2011 to reflect the historic nature of the Drummondville area. The changes included street lighting, a variety of seating opportunities in the form of benches and large armour stones, the inclusion of trees, vegetation areas and waste facilities. Bump-outs in the curb edge were also included to create a more pedestrian-friendly atmosphere.


This award recognizes architectural excellence by a Niagara architect, and may be a new building, or addition to an existing. Architectural excellence may include use of urban design, new technologies, design, building layout, or integration of styles. This award recognizes a high degree of creativity. This award is sponsored by the Niagara Society of Architects.

2011 Award Winner Niagara District Airport - Terminal Building, 468 Niagara Stone Rd., Niagara-on-the-Lake


Niagara District Airport Commission

Nominator Norman Ocampo, Director of Architecture, Quartek Group Inc. Architects and Engineers
Nominated Niagara District Airport Commission and Quartek Group Inc. Architects and Engineers

Architect & Engineer

Norman Ocampo, Director of Architecture, Quartek Group Inc. Architects and Engineers

Completed in July of 2011, this new facility sets a high standard for the architecture of buildings at the airport, while enhancing the capacity of the site to handle additional traffic. Using a compact floor plan that has the potential for future expansion, the facility offers an airy and inviting area for travellers that takes advantage of natural lighting and views of the runway. A harmonious mix of material, textures and finishes offer architectural detailing inside and outside of the building that complements the surroundings and landscaping treatments.

2011 Honourable Mention: FACS (Family and Children's Services) Niagara, 7900 Canadian Dr., Niagara Falls


Venny Panici, Architect, Venerino Panici Architect Inc.

Nominated Chris Steven, Executive Director, and Leah Maves, FACS Niagara
Architect Kevin Emrich, Project Captain, Venerino Panici Architect Inc.


Dave Stacey, Genivar


Al Brouwer, Owner, Brouwer Construction Ltd.

Completed in August of 2011, this redevelopment supplemented an existing building with an 11,000 square foot wrap around addition to accommodate public and administrative facilities for Family and Children's Services Niagara. The redevelopment paid careful attention to integrating the old building with the new, providing a warm and inviting facility that balances the needs of being open and yet secure. The redevelopment makes better use of the site, incorporating a cell tower as well, and showcases creativity architecturally and well as from an interior design perspective to make a cohesive overall experience for visitors and staff.


Façade Improvement

This award recognizes an improvement to the façade of a building that may or may not have internal improvements. The primary feature of this award is the revitalization of the street face of the building that demonstrates creativity. This award may recognize heritage restoration or a more modern approach.

2011 Award Winner Patterson Funeral Home, 6062 Main Street, Niagara Falls

Nominator and Architect:

Emilio Raimondo, Architect/President, Raimondo + Associates Architects Inc.


Ruth Ann & Edward Nieuwesteeg, Owner/Operator, Patterson Funeral Home


David Stacey, Mechanical Engineer, Genivar

Builder George Schneider, Schneider Construction

Specialist Consultant

Wendy Edwards, Interior Designer, Edwards Designs

The redevelopment of this site began in 2007, and has involved property consolidation, expansion of the facility and embellishment of the front façade. Retaining the neoclassical style of the original building, the façade has been changed through a new entrance feature, windows, materials and additions to each side of the building that reflect and complement the changes. New landscaping elements have also contributed to the enhancement of the site.

2011 Honourable Mention: Cannery Park, 329 Four Mile Creek Rd., St. David's

Nominator & Architect

Michael Allen, Principal, Allen & Chui Architects Inc.


Michael Allen, Principal, Allen & Chui Architects Inc.

Engineers Mark Shoalts, President, Shoalts Bros. Construction Ltd.


Rainer Hummel, President, Cannery Park Developments Inc.

Completed in 2011, and originally a canning factory, this development has been transformed through the redevelopment of internal and exterior features to house commercial, industrial and office uses. The front façade of the building has been articulated into distinct units using a variety of colours, textures and materials to emphasize the current uses, as well as offer visual interest. Landscaping at the front of the building has also been refined to enhance the new facility.

Adaptive Re-use

This award recognizes the re-use of an existing building or buildings, and possible intensification of a site. The primary feature of this project is the re-use of the former building(s) in a manner that demonstrates creativity, reintegrates the site into the community, and provides a mix of uses and choice into the surrounding neighbourhood.

2011 Award Winner: Inniskillin Wines, 1499 Line 3, Niagara-on-the-Lake


Michael Allen, Principal, Allen & Chui Architects Inc.

Nominated and Architect

Michael Allen, Principal, Allen & Chui Architects Inc.


Deborah Pratt, Manager, Inniskillin Wines

Engineer (Structural)

Sam Wong, SWS Engineering

(Mechanical and Electrical)

Jain & Associates Limited

Engineer (Civil)

Zakir Ali, Niagara Engineering

Specialist Consultant
(Interior Design)

Wendy Edwards, Edwards Design

Interior Design

Scordino Design

Landscape Architect

Paula Berketo, Paula Berketo Landscape


Jim Kaufman, Kenmore Homes

The original Brae Burn Barn had been changed from its original farming use to a retail facility in 2002, and more recently has underwent a significant transformation completed in 2008. The adaptation of this facility created a new contemporary entrance area, maximized the tasting area offering additional views of the vineyards, exposed the natural beams inside, and added additional administration space above.

2011 Honourable Mention Hummel Properties Inc. Head Office, 333 Four Mile Creek Rd., St. David's


Dennis Dick, President, D + B Construction

Nominated & Owner

Rainer Hummel, President, Cannery Park Developments Inc.


Michael Allen, Principal, Allen & Chui Architects Inc.


Mark Shoalts, President, Shoalts Bros. Construction Ltd.

Originally a canning factory that closed in 2008, this building has been transformed into an office environment. The simple elegance of the front façade was restored and embellished with the addition of new entrance detailing, while still conveying the sense of place. Internally many features remain that convey the past use, while providing modern convenience.

2011 Honourable Mention: Valley Way Non-Profit Retirement Residence, 6009 Valley Way, Niagara Falls

Nominator & Architect

Harald Ensslen, Principal Architect, Macdonald Zuberec Ensslen Architects Inc.


Rev. Jake Birch, Senior Pastor, Glengate Alliance Church


Dick Halverson, Consultant, Valley Way Non-Profit Housing Corporation

Builder Gary Brazeau, Superintendent, Niacon Construction


Thomas Yung, President/Structural Engineer, Lee Lung and Associates Inc.

Originally built as Lord Elgin Vocational School, later becoming St. Michael's High School, this building has been transformed to accommodate a church and 34 rent-geared-to-income residential units that were completed in July of 2011, with plans to develop the site further. Using the original building footprint of the school, many of the former classrooms fronting on Valley Way have been converted, offering additional uses and housing choice in the area. Sustainable elements were built into the redevelopment including geothermal heat exchanger wells, and solar energy collection with future plans for domestic solar hot water heating.

Policy & Plans

This award recognizes an approved Official Plan, Neighbourhood/Secondary Plan, Design Guideline, Community Improvement Plan, Master Plan or development plan that focuses on the smart growth principles such as a mix of uses, walkability, and compact development. Also considered important to this award is an effective public consultation process.

2011 Honourable Mention: Gateway Secondary Plan, Town of Fort Erie


Chris Millar, Neighbourhood Planner, Town of For Erie


Richard Brady, Director of Community and Development Services; Tom Villella, Neighbourhood Planner; Dave Heyworth, Policy Planner; Rino Mostacci, former Director, Community & Development Services


Brook McIlroy; The Planning Partnership; The MBTW Group; Poulos & Chung; Quartek Group; Architects Alliance

Building on the success of the Master Plan and Urban Design Strategy, the implementing Secondary Plan for the Gateway area was approved in the spring of 2011. The twenty-year Plan seeks to present a cohesive and inviting approach to Fort Erie, Niagara and Canada for those using the Peace Bridge. The Plan includes a mix of low- to high-density residential, commercial, institutional, natural and open space uses that sets the stage for transition, revitalization and consideration of the community's historic, natural and locational assets.

2011 Honourable Mention: Town of Lincoln - Central Business District Urban Design Policies


Kathleen Dale, Director of Planning & Development, Town of Lincoln


Mayor Bill Hodgson, Town of Lincoln


Ron Marini, Ron Marini & Associates

Completed in 2009 for a cost of $15,000, the inclusion of urban design policies for the central business district in the Town of Lincoln's policy documents was an important step in guiding future development. By undertaking this process, public meetings were held to get the community's insights into how design should be incorporated prior to a development application being received. This provides staff and developers with a guiding framework of expectations to ensure the downtowns reflect a higher standard of design that promotes a mix of uses, recognizes the existing historic charm, and promotes redevelopment at a pedestrian scale.

Leadership and Legacy

2011 Award Winner: Tony Continelli, Vice President, Premium Building Group


Lucy Continelli, Sales Manager, Premium Building Group

Over his approximately 40-year career in building and developing in Niagara Tony Continelli has been involved with numerous projects, particularly in St. Catharines. During much of this time his focus has been on infill projects that have involved land assembly, and the creation of singles, towns, semis and low-rise apartment buildings. Some of his notable developments include Queen's Court on Queenston Street, High Pointe on Wellandvale Road, Spring Garden Creek Villas on Parnell Road, Cobblestone Gates on Sawmill Road, Woodfield Lane on Glendale Avenue, and Up on Niagara on Niagara Street. Tony's projects feature a keen attention to detail, including material choice, landscaping elements and consideration of the end user in infill projects that successfully offer choice in existing neighbourhoods.


All photos courtesy of those nominated

Congratulations to all of the 2011 Niagara Community Design Award Winners


Mark Griffis

Awards Review Committee:

Richard Baker - Retired, Niagara Society of Architects
Glenn Barr - President, Barr Associates
Dr. Hugh Gayler - Professor, Brock University
John Gittings - Manager, Planning & Development, Niagara College
Ruedi Hofer - Retired, Landscape Architect
Ken Gonyou - Taro Planning & Development Inc.
Douglas McNaughton - Commercial Sales Rep., Royal LePage Niagara Real Estate Centre
Bryan Morris - Planner, City of St. Catharines
Barbara Wiens - Planner, Town of Niagara-on-the-Lake

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