Sewage Hauling Requirements and Fees

Sewage disposal fees

Fees are set by Regional Council. As of Feb. 1, 2022, the fee is $46 / 1000 gallons or $10.12 / m3 (rate is subject to change). Haulers are invoiced based on 80 per cent of the rated tank capacity of the vehicle.

Invoices for disposal of hauled sewage are issued on approximately the fifteenth day of each month. Payment is due within 30 days of the invoice date. Late charges and penalties may occur if payment is not met.

Hauled sewage records

All haulers must complete and submit a hauled sewage record for each disposal at the time and location of disposal. Hauled sewage records are the property of Niagara Region and must contain the required information. Any load without a completed record is subject to an administrative fee in addition to the normal disposal fees.

Failure to submit a complete hauled sewage record or recording false information may result in permit suspension, revocation and / or enforcement actions as indicated under the Sewer-use By-law or Hauled Sewage Policy.

Each record must be:

  • Be signed and dated by the hauler delivering the sewage
  • Have two copies - one copy should be kept by the hauler and the other deposited in the collection box

If a hauled sewage record is not available at the time of disposal, haulers can complete a temporary hauled sewage record.

The invoice issued by Niagara Region will show the hauled sewage record number used for each disposal.

Special records may be created for project or event-based disposals. The hauler must use these for all disposals under this approval and will be given the appropriate record to use after the application has been approved.

More information about hauled sewage records is in the Region's sewer use by-law and hauled sewage policy.

Access cards

Approved haulers receive access cards for each vehicle covered under their permit. These cards are:

  • Non-transferable and only for the vehicle assigned
  • Only for entries onto the plant premises to make disposals
  • Not for access to the plant premises for any other purpose

Lost or misplaced access cards must be reported immediately to Niagara Region.

The following fees may apply and are subject to change at any time:

  • Replacement for a damaged card - no charge
  • Additional vehicle to the fleet - $16 per new card
  • Lost card - $16 per card

On-site requirements


Spills must be reported immediately to the on-site operator. Haulers must also comply with applicable provincial and federal regulation notification requirements for spills. Haulers responsible for the spill will be required to clean up the spill. Additional fees may be charged should the hauler not adequately clean up the area to the Region's satisfaction.


Smoking is not permitted at any Niagara Region facility.


Failure to follow the safety requirements may result in sewage hauler permit suspension or revocation.

  • Haulers must follow directions of plant personnel and any posted safety rules
  • Haulers must obey all posted traffic control signs, such as stop signs, speed bumps and speed limits
  • Vehicles must not exceed 15 km/h while on Niagara Region property
  • No hauler may enter a vehicle tank or any confined or restricted space while on Regional property
  • The driver of the vehicle or another trained employee of the hauler must remain with the vehicle while disposal occurs
  • Haulers may only dispose of sewage at the designated hauled sewage location on site. If you can't find the designated location, contact someone on site to help you.


  • Haulers must remain in the hauled sewage disposal area
  • Haulers must follow the directions of plant personnel and any posted rules
  • All users of the site and employees must be treated with respect and courtesy
  • Harassment in the form of verbal or physical abuse or intimidation or violence either in person or through email or other means will not be tolerated
  • Niagara Region employees will be respectful while ensuring requirements for safe and appropriate hauled sewage operations are met


  • Non-payment of fees
    Haulers may be suspended if adequate payment is not received within 30 working days
  • Disposal of a non-approved source
    Disposal fees will be doubled for the non-approved source
  • Disposal without valid permit
    Immediate suspension. The hauler will be responsible for any charges that would be incurred from the disposal.
  • Failure to leave a hauled sewage sample for the load
    Administrative fee plus the regular disposal fee for the load. The Environmental Enforcement section will be notified.
  • Failure to submit a hauled sewage record
    Normal fee for the load of the vehicle plus an administrative fee. The Environmental Enforcement section will be notified.
  • Failure to adequately complete hauled sewage record
    Incident will be referred to the Environmental Enforcement section for action
  • Other penalties may be levied by Niagara Region pursuant to the Sewer Use By-law
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