Healthy, Safe and Strong - An Exercise Program for Seniors

Staying active is the key to being healthy, safe and strong. The Healthy, Safe, Strong group exercise program will help improve and maintain your strength, prevent age-related muscle loss, and build your balance.

This free program, delivered by specially trained instructors, also supports your overall health by providing access to educational and other resources that will help you maintain your long-term independence.

The program uses equipment and exercise techniques that:

  • Will help you move better
  • Stay independent
  • Improve balance and stability
  • Reduce risk of injury

The group sessions will improve your:

  • Ability to perform activities of daily living (house and yard work, washing/drying cloths, etc.)
  • Balance and posture to reduce your risk of falling as you age
  • Confidence to get around

How to Apply

Call 905-984-2621 or toll free 1-877-212-3922 to find the exercise program nearest you.

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