Best Practice Spot Light Organizations in Niagara

Best Practice Spotlight Organizations are health-care and academic organizations selected by the Registered Nurses' Association of Ontario to implement and evaluate best practice guidelines.

It is a dynamic partnership that focuses on making a positive impact on patient care through evidence-based practice.

Requests for proposals are released every three years.

The Best Practice Spotlight Organization initiative has been a great success. It provides support to organizations that have formally agreed to implement and evaluate multiple RNAO best practice guidelines over a three year period.

Participating Long-term Care Sites

Best Practice Guidelines

  • Person and Family Centered Care
  • Developing and Sustaining Nursing Leadership
  • Preventing and Addressing Abuse and Neglect of Older Adults: Person-Centered, Collaborative, System-Wide Approaches
  • Assessment and Management of the Stage One to Four Pressure Ulcers
  • Assessment and Management of Pain


  • Equip our nurses with the tools and knowledge of the Best Practice Guidelines
  • Provide career growth opportunities
  • Involvement in the implementation of the best practice guidelines and attendance at Registered Nurses' Association of Ontario's Clinical Institutes/Champion Workshops
  • Continue use of evidence based practice and enhancing knowledge. Using the best evidence to advocate for our residents with other providers, while enhancing resident outcomes and defending nursing practice with evidence
  • Build on the knowledge, skills and abilities in our three homes with the transfer of our knowledge to the other five homes in our corporation.
  • Implement best practice guidelines, including tools, processes and structure to enhance resident quality health outcomes
  • Develop accurate data and analysis which will measure and demonstrate improvements and change
  • Increase resident quality of life and staff satisfaction/engagement

More Information

First launched in 2003, the BPSO initiative is an off-shoot of the Registered Nurses' Association of Ontario's Nursing Best Practice Guideline program which began in November 1999 and has since spread across Canada and to countries around the world.

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