Pedestrians, Cyclists and Roundabouts

It's important for residents to understand how pedestrians and cyclists use a roundabout.


  • Experienced cyclists travel through the roundabout using the same general rules as other vehicles
  • Merge into traffic before entering the roundabout
  • Once inside the roundabout, ride in the middle of the lane so cars don't pass you

If you prefer to walk your bicycle on the sidewalk, dismount at the ramp. Continue on the sidewalk, following the same rules as pedestrians.

How to cross a Roundabout on Foot

  • Step up to the curb and point your finger across the crosswalk
  • Do not start to cross if a driver cannot safely stop
  • Look and listen for a safe gap in the traffic flow

As you cross, keep pointing until you reach the far side of the road. Watch for drivers in the next lane. Make sure that the driver sees you.

Remember: use the sidewalks and crosswalks around the outside of the roundabout. Do not cut across the middle of the roundabout.

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