Application for Entrance Permit

This application is required for any private road entranceway, driveway, gate or facility constructed as a means of access to a Regional road whether temporary or permanent.

Processing time is a minimum of 14 business days from the date of application.

In addition to your entrance permit, we need you or your contractor to get a construction encroachment permit before starting work within the Regional right-of-way. If you have already secured a contractor, have them apply online.

The permit is subject to the following conditions and to any supplementary conditions established by Niagara Region at the time of issue.

If you have any questions about this form, or need help completing it, contact the Region at 905-980-6000 ext. 3267 or ext. 3426.

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Terms and Conditions

  • This entrance permit is subject to all municipal by-laws
  • All required roads are designated as controlled-access roads, and the construction to the use of any access must conform to Regional By-Law No. 4291-86
  • Work on the construction or alteration of an entrance must not be started before an entrance permit for the work has been issued by the Region
  • Work on an installation or development for which a permit is granted must start within six months of the date of issue of the permit or the permit may be cancelled by the Region
  • All works related to or forming a part of an entrance shall be carried out in accordance with the approval plans and specifications and subject to the approval of the Region. The owner of the property shall bear all expense related thereto.
  • Trees, shrubs, etc., on the right-of-way of a highway must not be cut or trimmed without the written permission of the Region and such cutting or trimming may only be done under the direct supervision of the Region or its duly authorized agent where it is necessary to cut or trim trees on property adjacent to a highway, the applicant must make the necessary arrangements with the property owners and must bear all expenses in connection therewith, including any damages occasioned as a result of such cutting or trimming
  • Each entrance must be designed, constructed and maintained in a manner that prevents surface water from the entranceway and / or the adjoining property from being discharged via the entrance onto the highway
  • The applicant is responsible for the construction, marking and maintenance of all traffic control signing during construction and for maintaining safety measures for the protection of the public during the construction of any works in respect to an entrance
  • The design and specifications of an entrance must not be changed without the approval of the Region. If the owner of a property desires to change the design of an entrance or add curbs, gutters, etc., an application to do so must be submitted to the Region for approval.
  • The use or purpose of an entrance must not be changed in a manner that changes the classifications of the entrance. Improper use of an entrance may result in cancellation of the permit therefore. If the owner of a property desires to change the classification of an entrance, an application to do so must be submitted to the Region for approval.
  • The owner of a property served by an entrance shall maintain each entrance to his property in accordance with the requirements of the Region
  • Paving of the area from the edge of pavement to the property line must be approved by the Region and the cost borne by the property owner
  • The property owner is responsible for the maintenance of that portion of any entrance lying between the edge of pavement and the property line
  • If there is an expiry date named on this permit and a further term is desired, an application for renewal of the permit shall be made to the Region before the expiry date named in this permit. A further term may be approved or refused by the Region.
  • If this permit expires and is not renewed for any reason, all work constructed, maintained or operated under this permit shall, if the Region so requests, be removed without expense to the Region and the highway shall be left in as good condition as it was before the said works were installed or constructed
  • An entrance permit may be cancelled at any time for breach of the regulations or conditions of the permit or for such reasons as the director of Public Works in their discretion deems proper

Notice of Collection

Any personal information or personal health information submitted will be collected, used, and disclosed, where applicable, by members of Regional staff according to the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act or the Personal Health Information Protection Act. Any information you share will only be used for the intended purpose for which it was provided.

For questions or comments about privacy practices, or for more information about the administration of the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act in Niagara Region programs, see Freedom of Information and Open Government.

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