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Adopt-a-Road Program Terms and Conditions


The Regional Municipality of Niagara ("Niagara Region") has established the Niagara Region's Adopt-A-Road Program (the "Program") as a public service program for approved citizen / volunteer organizations to pick up litter along approved Regional road rights-of-way. It is a way for environmentally conscious citizens, community and civic organizations, private businesses, and industry to contribute to a cleaner and more beautiful Niagara Regional road system.

Roadway and volunteer safety is of primary importance in all Niagara Region decisions related to the Program. Only groups and individuals determined by Niagara Region to be responsible and to exhibit, in good faith, the desire and the ability to achieve Program objectives within the parameters of these Terms and Conditions will be allowed to adopt a section of Niagara Regional right-of-way.


In recognition and consideration of support for the Program, Niagara Region will install an Adopt-A-Road sign with the organization's name or citizens' name acknowledging their efforts. All recognition signs are subject to approval of Niagara Region, including approval of the name, titles or words placed on Adopt-a-Road volunteer recognition signs.


Volunteers wishing to participate in the Program must complete, sign and submit this Agreement to Niagara Region’s Adopt-A-Road Program Coordinator, together with signed Volunteer Acknowledgement of Risk, Waiver and Indemnity Agreements (Schedule B hereto) for each of the individual volunteers listed in the Roster of Participants above (Schedule A).

Niagara Region will assist volunteers in securing an adoptable stretch of Regional right of way. Sections are generally a minimum of two kilometers long. Safety of volunteers is of primary concern in determining sites.


A minimum of three years is the standard term for an adoption agreement, subject to the sole discretion of Niagara Region. Agreements may be renewed, revised or terminated after the initial three year period. Litter pick up is required a minimum of two times per year, at pre-determined intervals, usually once in the spring and once in the fall.

Niagara Region will monitor the Program and all individual adoption agreements to determine if the Program's overall objectives are being met. Niagara Region reserves the right to cancel an adoption agreement in a given area or to terminate an adoption agreement, including this Agreement, for any reasons, including but not limited to the following:

  • Inadequate performance
  • Potential harm to the public image of Niagara Region or the Program
  • Non-compliance with the Program Terms and Conditions
  • Conduct of the adoptee group or individual or individuals involved in the adoptee group
  • Revisions or termination of the Program

Participation in Adopt-a-Road Program

Businesses, informal groups of three or more, and formal organizations such as community, recreational or school groups, may adopt sections of Niagara Regional road rights-of-way.

Volunteers must be at least 12 years of age. Volunteers under 18 years of age must submit a completed consent form and Volunteer Acknowledgement of Risk, Waiver and Indemnity Agreement (Schedule B hereto), signed by the volunteer and the volunteer's parent or guardian to be eligible to participate in the Program.

The adopting group must provide supervision by at least one adult (18 years of age or older) for every five persons under the age of 18 involved in an activity. Working group size is to be a minimum of three persons.

Only groups and individuals determined by Niagara Region to be responsible and to exhibit, in good faith, the desire and the ability to achieve Adopt-A-Road Program objectives within the parameters of these Terms and Conditions will be allowed to adopt a section of Niagara Region road right-of-way. Niagara Region may refuse to grant a request to adopt a section or roadway if, in its opinion and sole discretion, granting the request would jeopardize the Program, be counter-productive to the Program's purpose, create a safety hazard for the public and / or proposed participants, or be in conflict with policies, procedures, by-laws, guidelines or laws of Niagara Region, the applicable local area municipality and / or the Province of Ontario. Niagara Region reserves the right to limit the number of volunteers on an adopted section of road right-of-way.

Volunteers are not considered as officers, employees, or agents of Niagara Region. Any injuries, claims, liabilities, suits, or costs in any way arising from the volunteers' activities relating to this Application and Agreement and the Program, shall be the sole responsibility of the volunteers. Volunteers shall indemnify Niagara Region and agree to abide by the Niagara Region's guidelines and to not hold Niagara Region responsible for any injuries or damages that they may cause to any other person or parties or may themselves suffer as a result of participation in the Adopt-A-Road Program.

Volunteers are encouraged to recycle materials collected from the adopted section of right-of-way, whenever and wherever possible.

Volunteer group responsibilities

All volunteers participating in the Program must:

  • Appoint or select an Authorized Group Representative to act on behalf of the group / organization and act as the liaison between the adopting group and Niagara Region; the Authorized Group Representative will be the point of contact for all communications between the group and Niagara Region

  • Complete Niagara Region's Adopt-a-Road Program Overview and Safety training and successfully complete the knowledge quiz before participating in the clean-up of the adopted section of right-of-way and thereafter complete the annual safety training and knowledge quiz provided by Niagara Region

  • Obey and abide by all laws and regulations relating to volunteer and road safety and such terms, conditions, policies, guidelines and safety measures as may be required by Niagara Region

  • Ensure provision of all transportation, supervision, safety equipment and medical / first aid service

  • Park all volunteer vehicles at the worksite as far away as possible from the traveled portion of the right-of-way, or alternatively, make arrangements for off-road parking;

  • Properly display "road work" signs provided by Niagara Region and designate presence of vehicles by deploying traffic cones during litter pick-up as specified in "Manual of Uniform Traffic Devices, Section 5" (field manual available);

  • Pick up litter a minimum of two times a year to maintain a clean right-of-way and commit to a minimum term of three years, renewable as mutually agreed upon

  • Sort litter into four different categories: glass, plastic, metal and "other" refuse to facilitate disposal procedures

  • Coordinate work/litter pick up times with Niagara Region's Adopt-A-Road Program coordinator, providing Niagara Region at least 72 hours’ notice prior to beginning a litter pick-up

  • Wear Niagara Region provided safety vests at all times and any additional appropriate safety apparel during their litter pick-up activities

  • Collect litter only from the untravelled, right-of-way sections of adopted road

  • Not walk on or pick up litter on the road surface or within one metre of the travelled portion of the roadway, paved or gravel road shoulders, medians, bridges, in tunnels, on overpasses or around other structures or locations that could pose a danger;

  • Respect the rights of private landowners by not passing on their land or interfering with their activities;

  • Wear clothing that will not impair vision or movement during the pick-up

  • Not wear attire that might divert the attention of motorists during clean-up activities

  • Ensure that no individual under the age of 12 is present at the work site;

  • Provide supervision by at least one adult (18 years of age or older) for every five (5) or less volunteers 12-17 years of age

  • Ensure no volunteer possesses or consumes illegal drugs or alcoholic beverages immediately before or during clean-up activities

  • Suspend litter pick-up if or when weather conditions become inclement (i.e., fog, rain, drizzle, high wind, electrical storms, etc.)

  • Ensure that no pets are present at the clean-up site;

  • Work only during daylight hours (one hour after sunrise and one hour before sunset)

  • Flag closed containers, heavy objects or suspected hazardous materials for pick-up and disposal by Niagara Region staff

  • Surrender items of value (wallet, purse, camera, etc.) found on Niagara Region property to the nearest police station

  • Ensure that no signs, posters or other display materials are brought to the adopted section during or between cleanups;

  • Place filled trash bags at the designated pick-up site(s) as pre-arranged by the Niagara Region staff and the Authorized Group Representative

  • Notify Niagara Region immediately after each clean-up to have litter bags removed by Niagara Region staff

  • Ensure that litter pick-ups do not occur on statutory holidays or between Nov. 1 and April 15

  • Return all inventory to the issuing Niagara Region office at the completion of an Adopt-a-Road clean-up - failure to do so will result in the group or individual being billed for the replacement value of the items.

Authorized group representative responsibilities

The Authorized Group Representative shall be responsible to:

  • Schedule activities with Niagara Region before proposed clean up activity

  • Organize the work group and methodology of the activities being completed

  • Submit signed Volunteer Acknowledgement of Risk, Waiver and Indemnity Agreements for each participating volunteer and / or the volunteer's parent or guardian if under the age of 18

  • Ensure required equipment is available and supplied; pick up safety vests, bags for trash / plants and miscellaneous items such as signs and traffic cones when required - all materials are to be picked up prior to and returned after each clean up activity session

  • Ensure that anyone who participates in the Program has reviewed Niagara Region supplied safety information and training, including Niagara Region's Adopt-a-Road Program Overview and Safety training materials, and successfully completed the related knowledge quiz

  • Review safety procedures with work group prior to arrival at site

  • Keep the group together and orderly

  • Know what to do in case of emergency, and where the nearest hospital is located

  • Know the physical capabilities of all group members

  • Supervise periodic breaks

  • Not allow the group to work or walk on or pick up litter on the travelled portion of the roadway, or within one metre of the travelled portion of the roadway, or on the paved or gravel road shoulder or private property

  • Ensure the group works facing oncoming traffic

  • Provide emergency first aid kit (Band-Aids, disinfectants, etc.) in the event of minor cuts or abrasions

  • Coordinate the placement of the "road work" signs in advance of volunteer clean up activity

  • Organize carpool and departure times

Niagara Region responsibilities

Niagara Region will:

  • Select the specific section of Niagara Region road right-of-way to be adopted

  • Provide safety vests, "road work" signs, trash bags, safety information and training, flags and traffic cones

  • Erect recognition sign(s) with the adopting group's name displayed at an agreed upon site at the adopted road right-of-way; unless, in the opinion of Niagara Region, erecting the signs would jeopardize the Program, be counter-productive to its purpose, create a hazard to the safety of the public or be in conflict with government or Region's policies

  • Approve the name, titles or words placed on Adopt-a-Road volunteer recognition signs, in Niagara Region’s sole discretion;

  • Remove and dispose of filled trash bags

  • Remove litter from the adopted right-of-way section under unusual circumstances (i.e., to remove large, heavy or hazardous items) that have been flagged;

  • Monitor to ensure the objectives of this Agreement and the Program are being met

  • Take any actions deemed appropriate, in the sole discretion of Niagara Region, to ensure Program objectives are met within the adopted section of the Niagara Region road right-of-way

Modification / renewal / termination of the agreement or program

The Program and these Terms and Conditions may be modified or altered in any manner at the sole discretion of Niagara Region.

Program volunteers will have the option of renewing their agreement, subject to the approval of Niagara Region and continuation of the Program. Updated volunteer information will be required at the time of the renewal. Niagara Region may terminate the agreement and / or remove the Adopt-a-Road signs bearing the volunteer's name if it finds that: the group is not meeting these Terms and Conditions (and / or as such terms may be modified); one or more volunteers of a group are not responsible; the volunteers are acting contrary to the guidelines of the Program; the adoption is proving to be counter-productive to the Program's objectives; undesirable outcomes such as increased litter, vandalism, or theft are resulting from the adoption or: volunteers have engaged in irresponsible conduct at the adopted section.

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