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Aggregates in Niagara

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We're undertaking a review of the aggregate resource policies in the Regional Official Plan to align with provincial policies and plans.

What are Aggregate Resources?

Aggregate resources are used to build the roads we drive on, and the buildings that we live and work in. Aggregate resources generally include sand, gravel, clay and bedrock. Depending on the type of material, these resources are extracted from the ground through a pit or a quarry.

Find pits and quarries in the Niagara Region.

Why are Aggregates Important?

Aggregate resources are non-renewable natural resources, and so it is important that we ensure the long term protection and use of these resources.

The land use policies in the Regional Official Plan will help to ensure that this happens while also ensuring that the surrounding social, environmental and physical surroundings are taken into consideration.

Two Phases to Review and Update the Aggregate Policies

  1. Develop a background document to highlight the existing state of aggregates in the Region, as well as looking at the best practices throughout Ontario
  2. Develop policies based on the information gathered through the background document

Learn more about aggregate resources in Ontario.

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