Toolkits to Use in your Workplace

Toolkits by Niagara Region

  • Walk for Wellness
    This program runs for five to 12 weeks, recording employee's walking distance (through a pedometer, or by an activity-conversion chart) and how many fruits and vegetables they eat. Teams are awarded bonus points for making 10 per cent increases every week.
  • Resetting the Pace
    Learn about key elements to a comprehensive workplace walking approach and how to incorporate these into your workplace wellness plan.

Policy Development Toolkits

Toolkits by Other Organizations

Getting Started with Workplace Wellness

  • Workplace Wellness Toolkit
    A guide to help your workplace develop a comprehensive wellness plan.
  • Create a Healthy Workplace
    Help get your healthy workplace committee started with templates for responsibilities, agendas/minutes, ideas and checklists for committees.
  • Healthy Workplace Handbook
    This handbook was developed to support Ontario organizations in starting and maintaining a healthy workplace program.

Substance Misuse

  • Problematic Substance Use that Impacts the Workplace
    Addressing substance abuse in your business/organization
    - Toolkit
    - Booklet
    - Fact sheet

Stress / Mental Health

Violence / Harassment

  • Family Violence: It's Your Business (A Workplace Toolkit)
    Intended to provide employers, unions and employees with information and resources for recognizing and responding to family violence situations that enter the workplace. Take action to address family violence and its impact on the workplace.
  • Workplace Violence Prevention Toolkit
    This resource will allow you to take the workplace violence prevention quiz and help you learn how to deal with workplace harassment and bullying. Key information is provided on what to do when responding to workplace violence.

Surveys / Needs Assessments

  • Organizational Health Audit
    Build awareness about workplace health within your organization, including corporate culture, physical environment, procedures and work processes.
  • Sample Workplace Health and Wellness Survey
    Customize a sample survey from the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety to determine your employees' interest in a health and wellness program.
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