Reduce the Risk of West Nile Virus

Prevention for You and Your Family

The best ways to reduce the risk of infection are:

  • Reduce standing water where mosquitoes like to breed
  • Avoid infested areas
  • Wear long sleeved shirts, long pants, hats, socks and shoes.
  • Repair damaged doors and window screens.
  • Use an insect repellent that contains DEET or Icaridin. Always follow the manufacturer's instructions.

For further information about these prevention tips, including proper use of insect repellent, visit Health Canada's West Nile Virus website.

Reduce Mosquito Breeding Areas around your Home

Mosquito larvae can develop in water that has been standing for more than four days.

Eliminate stagnant water where mosquitoes lay their eggs.

Keep your yard clean

  • Remove discarded tire and clean up junk piles that collect water
  • Cover containers or use lids to prevent water from collecting in the bottom of garbage cans
  • Use screen or fine mesh to cover rain barrel
  • Clean pet food and water bowls and store indoors when not in use

Clean out eaves, gutters and drains

  • Clear leaves, twigs and debris from eavestroughs, storm and roof gutters throughout the summer
  • Make sure drainage ditch is not clogged
  • Check flat roofs frequently for standing water

Maintain yards and lawns

  • Fill in low depressions in lawn areas
  • Eliminate standing water in gutters or storm drains to prevent small ponds
  • Install screens over catch basins
  • Grass clippings, leaves or other decaying debris, such as apples or berries that fall from trees should be mulched to prevent organic matter from going into catch basins or storm sewers as food source for mosquito larvae
  • Turn over compost frequently

Always inspect swimming or wading pools and ponds

  • Remove water that collects on pool covers
  • Make sure the pool's pump is circulating water
  • Turn over wading pools when not in use
  • Use a pump to circulate water in your pond

Eliminate stagnant water

  • Clean up and empty water in toys, birdbaths, tires, flowerpots, wheelbarrows and other garden objects
  • Drill holes in the bottoms of containers so water can't collect
  • Change water in birdbath frequently

Repair window screens and screen doors

  • Check window and door screens and repair any holes
  • Ensure screens fit tightly into to window or door frames to prevent mosquitoes from getting inside
  • If you don't have screens, try and keep windows closed between dusk and dawn
  • Install screens on crawl spaces and attic vents

Fix faucets and hoses

  • Repair any leaks to faucets and hoses to prevent possible breeding sites
  • Prevent water from pooling around downspouts and air conditioners

Treatment on Private Property

To authorize the treatment of a municipally owned catch-basin located on private property, complete an authorization form.

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