Sun Safety in Schools

Schools are a place where children spend most of their days and provide an opportunity to learn important safety lessons that can make a lifelong difference.

Between April and September, children can be exposed to a significant amount of ultraviolet (UV) rays during school breaks and outdoor activities. It is important for parents to know the daily UV index and to take appropriate actions if moderate or higher (3-11).

Always remember to take extra precautions for school days that include outdoor activities, such as track and field, play days and school trips.

Students, teachers, staff and parents - you can promote sun safety and shade at your school by:

  • Initiating a project to add shade to your school yard
  • Integrating sun safety education into the curriculum
  • Involving parent council in tree planting programs and other shade creating opportunities

Get started

Find a group
Form a school greening committee with other students, parents and staff that are interested

Have a plan
Keep in mind that planning out the shade project is an essential component to its long term success. Note: The degree of planning involved will depend on the scope of the project.

Worried about the costs?
There are many organizations that will fund school ground environmental projects. Check out the sites below for shade school-grant programs. You can also ask your local horticultural societies, greenhouses and landscape organizations for funding assistance.

Sun safety / shade program resources for teachers

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