Telephone Information Lines for Public Health

The Health Connection Line - 905-688-8248 or 1-888-505-6074

  • Measles Info Line, ext. 7995
    To report a child's vaccination that has been excluded from school, to find out your measles vaccination status, and to book an appointment at a measles vaccination clinic

  • Flu Clinic Information Line, ext. 7443
    For the schedule of seasonal flu immunization clinics

  • Beach Hotline, ext. 7789
    For the status of St. Catharines beaches only: 905-935-2722

  • Dental Health Info Line, ext. 7399
    Dental programs and services for eligible children 17 years of age and younger

  • Pandemic Info Line, ext. 7765
    Niagara Region Influenza Pandemic Plan, general personal preparedness, and business continuity

  • Head Lice Hotline, ext. 7371
    General Information on how to deal with head lice

  • Outreach Nursing Info Line, ext. 7512
    Schedule of community stops made by outreach nurses

  • Parent Talk Line, ext. 7555
    Parenting information on pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, parenting of infancy through adolescence; breastfeeding information and clinics; car seat safety and classes child care and Ontario Early Years Centres; course registration and post partum depression support group

  • Tobacco Hotline, ext. 7393
    Information about the health risks of smoking, ways to quit, and the laws that apply to smoking

  • Travel Health Info Line, ext. 7383
    Information on safe and healthy international travel or to book an appointment for our Travel Health Clinic

  • Vaccines
    General Information: Ext. 7425
    Immunization Report line: Ext. 7459 (for parents to report their child's vaccinations)
    Vaccine Ordering: Ext. 7396

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