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Diabetic Foot Clinic Infection Control Inspection


The use of a sterilizer for reprocessing the packaging and labeling of sterile instruments did not follow best practices. Multidose vials were not appropriately labeled.

Diseases resulting from similar errors in infection control may include:

  • Skin / soft tissue infections


Public Health Nurse
Public Health Nurse
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Findings and Corrective Measures

A referral was made by on June 24, 2020, related to infection prevention and control concerns.

This infection prevention and control lapse involved a member of the regulatory college.

Orally corrective measures were discussed at the time of inspection.

An initial onsite investigation was conducted on July 22, 2020.

An investigation report was given to the premise / facility noting corrective measures. Information and education was provided.

Corrected Issues

IssueCorrectionDate Corrected
Education and training of infection control and reprocessing policies and procedures not provided or documented for all staff Education and training to be provided and documented regularly.Feb. 1, 2021
Multidose vial not labelled appropriatelyLabel multidose vial appropriatelyAug. 31, 2020
Sharps container filled past the fill line.Do not fill sharps container past fill line.Aug. 31, 2020
Written policies and procedures were not available for infection prevention and control practices and reprocessing. Infection prevention and control policies to be based on the most current best practices available, reviewed, and updated regularly.Aug. 31, 2020
A control biologic indicator from the same lot number as the test biological indicator was not used.Use a control biological indicator with the same lot number as the test biological indicatorJuly 28, 2020
Equipment/devices are not cleaned and sterilized appropriately.Clean and sterilize equipment/devices appropriately. July 24, 2020
The manufacturer’s instructions for use of packaging medical equipment was not followed Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for use when packaging medical equipment.July 24, 2020
Chemical indicators for sterilization are not placed appropriately in each package to be sterilized Place chemical indicators (type 1,4 and 5) appropriately in each package to be sterilized July 24, 2020

Health Risks and Inspections

In the event that a direct health risk is identified for clients who visited this establishment, Niagara Region Public Health will contact those at risk with advice around any medical follow-up.

For general updates regarding this investigation, continue to monitor this website.

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