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Premise could not provide records of required testing of the autoclave machine (sterilizes equipment). Therefore, the premise could not demonstrate a functioning autoclave.

Diseases resulting from similar errors in infection control may include:

  • Serious blood-borne infections (Hep B, Hep C, HIV, sepsis, meningitis/nervous system)
  • Skin / soft tissue infections


Infectious Diseases Program
Public Health Inspector
905-980-6000 ext. 7330, toll free 1-888-505-6074

Findings and Corrective Measures

A complaint was identified from a member of the public on August 2, 2016, related to infection prevention and control concerns.

An initial onsite investigation was conducted on August 3, 2016.

Corrected Issues

IssueCorrectionDate Corrected
No Infection Prevention and Control policies and proceduresCreate and implement Infection Prevention and Control policies and proceduresNov. 6, 2017
Insufficient personal protective equipment. Gowns and masks were not available at point-of carePersonal protective equipment (gowns, gloves and masks) are available at point of careNov. 30, 2016
Clinic could not provide records of testing of autoclave machine (sterilizing equipment) or servicing as per best practices. Therefore the clinic could not demonstrate a functioning autoclaveInstructed operator to complete spore challenges of the autoclave as per best practicesAug. 11, 2016
Medical instruments were loaded incorrectly when being processed in the autoclaveClinic was advised to use single use medical instruments until the autoclave was servicedAug. 11, 2016
There is no dedicated area for the reprocessing of medical instruments creating the potential for cross-contaminationEnsure that dedicated areas are present to prevent potential cross contamination (such as clean/sterile items, dirty/soiled area)Aug. 11, 2016
Multi-purpose sink used for hand hygiene and reprocessing of instrumentsEnsure that there is a dedicated sink for cleaning and disinfecting of instruments. The sink must not be used for hand hygiene, food preparation or any other purposeAug. 11, 2016
Non-critical medical equipment not disinfected between patients (such as blood pressure cuff)Ensure that all non-critical medical equipment is disinfected between patientsAug. 11, 2016
No infection prevention and control signage or access to hand hygiene at clinic entranceInfection control signage and access to hand hygiene to be provided at clinic entranceAug. 11, 2016

Health Risks and Inspections

In the event that a direct health risk is identified for clients who visited this establishment, Niagara Region Public Health will contact those at risk with advice around any medical follow-up.

For general updates regarding this investigation, continue to monitor this website.

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