Fuelling Healthy Bodies: Healthy Eating Policy for Sports Teams

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Offering healthy food choices will provide players with the fuel they need to play their best.

Develop a Healthy Eating Policy

A healthy eating policy shows your team's commitment to healthy behaviours on and off the field. Sports leagues already support physical activity, and it is important to offer healthy food choices as a complement.

Adopting a team healthy eating policy ensures players are offered healthy snacks at practices and games.

As a coach, take the following steps to implement a healthy eating policy:

  1. Download and print the healthy eating policy template and the parent letter template. Fill in your team's information.
  2. Download and print the Fuelling Healthy Bodies handout.
  3. Share the completed healthy eating policy, parent letter and the Fuelling Healthy Bodies handout with your team members and their parents.
  4. Encourage your association or league to adopt a healthy eating policy.

As a parent, download and review the resources above. Encourage your child's sports team or league to adopt a healthy eating policy.

Email Fuelling Healthy Bodies for more information.

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