Nutritious Food: How you can Help

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Many individuals and families in Niagara cannot afford the basics of life. They may struggle to pay rent, afford bus fares or put healthy food on the table. Some may turn to social assistance as a last resort during these difficult times.

In order to pay for life's basic necessities, people often borrow from their food budget or skip meals. They may not be able to afford healthy food or have access to it because they don't have the bus fare to get to the grocery store.

People struggling to pay for food may look to food banks or community organizations for assistance.

Learn how you can Help

  • Take the "Hungry for Health" survey and see if you could afford to live on social assistance
  • Learn about the social issues affecting our health
  • Write a letter to your local MPP or politician outlining the need to give everyone an opportunity for health
  • Talk to others about the many issues affecting the health of Niagara
  • Use social media to spread the word about those struggling to get by in Niagara
  • Volunteer and support local organizations that help those in need
  • Donate food, clothing or toys to agencies to help offset the cost of living for families in need
  • Use the Niagara Neighbourhood Mapping Tool to learn about the issues affecting our community

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