2018 Child Care Staff Hours Survey

Complete a separate form for each location that your agency operates. Complete the tables for any positions employed (or are expected to be employed in 2018), based on the number of months per year each employee works and their average hours per week.

This survey is mandatory for agencies that receive Fee Subsidy, General Operating Grant funding or the Wage Enhancement Grant. Failure to complete a survey by the deadline may result in an agency contract being suspended or terminated or funding for General Operating Grant will be withheld until such time as it is submitted.

Non-program staff are those who do not work directly with the children. Examples include:

  • Bookkeeper
  • Housekeeping
  • Janitorial
  • Coordinator
  • Clerical staff
  • Financial personnel
  • Non-program supervisor
  • Manager
  • Director
  • Administrator

* = Required


Staffing and Hours

Complete this section for each employee who works at this location.

If an employee works in more than one role (such as cook and child care assistant), enter the hours and weeks per year that person works in each role separately.

Report any new, additional positions you are planning to add in 2018.

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