Our Values and Approach - Parent Handbook

We believe that learning and development happens within the context of relationships among children, families, educators and their environments.

Belonging, wellbeing, engagement and expression are the four foundations that ensure optimal learning and development. These foundations inform the goals for children and expectations for our programs.

The 'How Does Learning Happen?' framework and Ontario Pedagogy for the Early Years provides our programs with guidance and direction when implementing quality child care programs.


We believe that children are competent, capable of complex thinking, curious, and rich in potential. They grow up in families with diverse social, cultural, and linguistic perspectives. Every child should feel that he or she belongs, is a valuable contributor or to his surroundings, and deserves the opportunity to succeed.


We recognize that parents are the first and best teachers of their own children. We assist families in their roles through the provision of a caring home, resources, training and support. Families should feel that they belong, are valuable contributors to their child’s learning and deserves to be engaged in a meaningful way.


We have relationships with many community service organizations and agencies to support and enhance our services. In addition, staff and provider representatives sit on many advisory committees and organizations that support early childhood development.

Opportunities to engage with people, places and the natural world in the local environment help children, families, educators, and communities build connections, learn and discover, and make contributions to the world around them.


The best educators, first and foremost, use a warm, responsive, and inclusive approach, building positive relationships with children, families, colleagues and communities. Educators participate as co-learners with families and children-learning.

Knowledgeable educators support providers to get involved in play with children to support development, challenge thinking and extend learning. They engage in reciprocal relationships with families and caregivers, learning about, with, and from them.

Educators share their professional knowledge and experience and also seek out the knowledge and perspectives of families.

Students and Volunteers

All volunteers and students over the age of 19 must have a clear criminal reference check and up to date immunizations to be considered for a volunteer or student placement in the program. Students or volunteers will never be left alone with the children at any time and will be supervised by an employee.


Child care providers are self-employed, independent operators contracted by Niagara Region Children’s Services. We offer training and resources to our providers to assist them in providing a quality service.


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