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Wait List

Children's Services will not charge parents a fee for a child who is waitlisted for a spot in a regionally operated child care centre or home child care program.

This policy will be reviewed with:

  • Home child care staff
  • Home child care providers
  • Volunteers
  • Students
  • People who live in or often visit the home

We will monitor for compliance according to subsection 6.1 Child Care and Early Years Act, 2014 (see Home Child Care Licensing Manual Subsections 1.2 and 10.6).

Families that would like to be on the wait list for licensed home child care will need to submit an online application to the Niagara Child Care Registry. For help with the registry, contact OneHSN Support at 1-888-722-1540 or

A support worker will contact you to confirm receipt of application and to determine next steps. (i.e. need for subsidized child care, date needed, availability of child care space, etc.). Information will only be accessed by the home child care support worker, manager or designate, and is password protected to ensure that the child’s information remains confidential.

For more information about the wait list, contact the Regional Niagara Home Child Care Program. The wait list policy is in the parent handbook and the complete policy is available upon request.


Registration forms must be completed prior to starting in the home and each time there is a change to your information such as a new address, phone number or hours of care.

Be sure to bring your child’s updated immunization records. If there is an objection or exemption to immunization, ask the home child care support worker for the Ministry approved form.

A home child care support worker will provide you with an orientation to the Home Child Care program and arrange for you to meet and interview a provider about the care she provides. When you are comfortable with placing your child with a specific provider, you must notify the home child care support worker of your decision so that the approval can be confirmed prior to start.


You will need to discuss any fees that you are required to pay with your provider and work out a payment plan. Fees are determined based on your eligibility for a fee subsidy, which may cover all or part of the cost of child care.

It is recommended that fee payments be made every two weeks to the home child care provider. Late payments or failure to pay may result in losing your child care placement. Children’s Services cannot guarantee placement in another home, and your outstanding balance will need to be paid prior to any further service being provided to you.

Children’s Services pays providers according to the hours of care provided. Each month, the provider prepares an attendance sheet and submits it to Children’s Services. They must keep a copy of the attendance sheet with parents’ signatures in order to verify their billing to Children’s Services. You must carefully review the documented hours to ensure their accuracy. Providers only get paid for days they are available to do child care.

Income Tax Receipts

It is your responsibility to obtain income tax receipts from your provider for any fee payments you make to them for your child care. Your home child care provider must give you a receipt upon request.

Absent Days

You are given a number of absent days per year to be used when your child is ill or away on vacation. Should all of the absent days be used before the end of a 12-month period, your provider will charge you the fee that she would otherwise receive from Children’s Services for your child’s care.

You will not be charged an absent day if the provider is unable to provide care due to illness or other reasons. Please discuss absent days with your provider. Absent days cannot be used if a provider is not available to provide child care.

Hours of Care

The hours of approved child care are set by your Children’s Services caseworker and any changes to those hours must be approved by the Children’s Services caseworker. It is your responsibility to keep the Children’s Services caseworker and home child care support worker informed of any changes including employment, school schedule, etc.

Children’s Services does not compensate providers for additional time due to the late pick up of children. Any extension of the hours of care that are not approved are a private arrangement between you and the provider requiring you to pay for those hours.

Back-up Situations

We recommend that you arrange back-up care should your home child care provider become ill or be otherwise unable to care for your child.

In cases of a planned absence, your Children’s Services caseworker will help arrange back-up care. Please remember that providers are self-employed persons and may choose to take vacation as they wish, but they must also give ample notice.

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